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Three Incredible Corporate Event Venues In London

Three Corporate Events Venues In One Location

Neverland London is a premier event venue based in Fulham, offering exceptional spaces and unrivalled services for corporate events. With its prime location on the River Thames, it is ideal for hosting corporate events of up to 500 people.

Bar Venue Hire

Three Corporate Event Venues In One

Experience immersive theming, impeccable service, and breathtaking views at Neverland

Corporate event venues that

transform every season

Winter - Winterland

(Oct - Feb)

Spring - Little Kyoto

(Feb - Apr)

Summer - Fulham Beach

(May to Sep)


London Corporate Events from October to January

Winterland Bar Venue Hire

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Little Kyoto

London Corporate Events from February to April

Little Kyoto Bar Venue Hire

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Fulham Beach

Perfect Corporate Venue for Summer Events from May to September

Fulham Beach Bar Venue Hire

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Palm Trees

Perfect Venue for Summer Corporate Events

Neverland is a truly memorable setting for Corporate Summer Events, Parties and Away-days.

Neverland is one of the most unique venues in London. 


We have a large indoor & outdoor space next to the Thames with a sandy beach (100+ tonnes of sand) in the summer.

We offer larger groups (from 120 people to 500 people) exclusive hire of the venue.

We will provide you with two operational bars with staff, a kitchen and chefs to cater the entire event and a licensed security team.

Extras can include unlimited use of the photo booth, unlimited games full use of the Big Screen and AV.

Fill out the form to enquire about rates.

Note: We do not allow external ticketed events (e.g. brunches, day parties and club nights) where guests pay to attend.

Fulham Beach Club Logo

Unique Venue for Corporate Events

Why not add some fun and excitement to your event by hosting it at one of the most unique and memorable corporate event venues in London? 


Neverland is exactly that kind of a place.


This extraordinary venue has all the elements needed to make your next corporate event stand out from the rest.


From small lunches to large cocktail receptions or large corporate events with late-night parties, we have hosted them all.


If you're looking for a conference venue or networking event we can also quote for Day Delegate Packages - see here.

Cable Cars

Perfect Venue for Winter Corporate Events

Neverland is transformed to Winterland from late November to February. 


We spend a month turning the venue into an amazing Alpine Lodge



with a Bavarian Beer Tent, Ski-lift Bubbles, Igloos (very popular!), fur-covered sofas and 150 Christmas Trees as well as an integrated sound system and a 15ft outdoor cinema screen 

In Winter, our London corporate events are cosy, snug and unique. 


Each Corporate Event can hold up to 400 people, but our most common is between 150 and 300 people.


We run the indoor bar and the kitchen chefs are on hand to cater to the entire event and you're looked after by our licensed security team.

Please fill out the form to enquire about rates.

Winterland Logo

Daytime and Networking Events

We would love to host your daytime event and can offer a bespoke package created to suit your budget and party size with an offer such as:

  • Exclusive venue hire, including all indoor and outdoor space from 10am-5pm

  • Exclusive use of games and photobooth with digital prints until 5pm

  • Use of large screen on the beach, two handheld mics and LCD screen under the pergola until 5pm

  • Tea, Coffee, fruit and sweet treats on arrival

  • Jugs of iced water and conference sweets throughout the day

For Example: in the Summer:

  • Beach BBQ lunch served with a selection of salads, sauces and sides, followed by Ice Cream beach hut

  • Soft drinks served with lunch

  • Summer Street Food Buffet dinner including wings, woodfired pizzas, mezze, salads, fries and more

  • Six drinks per person to include beer, wine, cider, bubbly, single house spirit + mixer, and soft drinks


Iconic Venue for Private Hire

Planning an upcoming corporate event?


 If you want to host an event that will leave your guests feeling inspired, no further than one of the most unique corporate event venues in London.


We know there are many event venues in London, but not every space is as unique and adaptable as Neverland!

Our light rooftop-style pergola, large veranda and river-side beach in the summer and pine forest in the winter are the perfect venues for your corporate event, cocktail party, product launch, PR event, photoshoot or private party.


Our event space has a largely open-plan layout, giving you multiple options to transform the space according to your requirements.


You can use our two bars (1 cocktail Bar & 1 outdoor bar), two kitchens and games or even turn on the disco lights for that ultimate party with our resident DJ. 


And if you have any specific ideas, we’ll be happy to help you brainstorm them so that your guests talk about your event for years to come!

Enquiry Form

Corporate Event Enquiry


"I wanted to send a thank you note – it’s been hectic since our party last week but I have had only positive feedback from everyone who attended. They loved the venue, the sunshine (of course!), the food and drink – thank you for all your help getting it organised. I also appreciated the front of house’s patience regarding drink tokens – we had some people impatient for the extras to be redistributed but had strict rules from our CEO to keep things under control."

Gumtree, July 2022

Is Neverland London a suitable corporate event venue? Yes, Neverland London is a perfect choice for corporate events. Our venue offers a unique and versatile space that can accommodate small team meetings, large conferences, and everything in between. With state-of-the-art facilities, a cocktail bar and a professional team, we ensure that your corporate event will be a success.

Can Neverland London help with organizing an event? Absolutely! At Neverland London, we have a dedicated event management team who can assist you in planning and organizing your corporate event. From conceptualization to execution, our team will work closely with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of, making your event a memorable and stress-free experience.

Where is Neverland London located? Neverland London is conveniently located in the heart of Fulham on the banks fo the river thames in London. Our prime location allows easy access for both local and international guests. Situated in a vibrant area with excellent transport links, our venue is easily accessible by car, train, and public transportation.

Is there a Hire Fee at Neverland London? Yes, we have all inclusive packages that start from £50 + service. The price depends on the day and season. Please fill out the form to get a full quotation.

Corporate Event Feedback


Dear Kate and team, 


I just wanted to reach out and say a huge THANK YOU for being wonderful hosts to us on Saturday at the amazing Hitachi Solutions event. What a fantastic evening! 


You really looked after us so well and everyone was so kind and helpful. Everyone worked together as one team, which really made the whole experience wonderful!  


Is there a possibility to pass on your DJ’s details? Is he your resident DJ? We thought he was brilliant and got the vibe so right with the audience and played some excellent tunes all night long! 

We would love to work with him again and perhaps recommend him to our many clients. 


We hope to have the opportunity to work with you all again and at your fabulous venue !!

Corporate Event Planning - 6 Questions You Need to Ask 

1. Figure out the corporate event venues aesthetics

When considering a venue for your special event, it's imperative to characterise its innate aesthetics. The intrinsic atmosphere of your corporate event will be greatly influenced by the interior design of the venue. To create a theme or coherent narrative, you want your guests to feel like they are stepping into your story as soon as they arrive.


This can only be achieved through the intrinsic structure of the venue's layout, decor, furnishings, and lighting.

For example, you can dress up a hotel ballroom, but the corporate event experience will always be quite formal and forced.  Ensuring that the atmosphere is visually appealing with plenty of natural light is essential to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your guests.


So keep your guests' enjoyment at the forefront of your decision-making process for a corporate event that stands out.


2. Is there natural lighting?

Top corporate event venues with lots of natural light make the most visually appealing content. As we mentioned above, natural lighting is crucial to create a natural and energising corporate event, especially for long meetings and conferences.


The quickest way to boost attendees' moods and make it easier for them to take notes and write on whiteboards etc is to provide plenty of natural light.

You should especially look for locations with lots of natural lighting when organising networking events, product launches, influencer shoots, or filming locations.


3. Corporate Party Venues - Is there indoor or outdoor space?

Guests will appreciate having plenty of space to move around and socialize in different venue areas. If you are hosting a summer corporate event, you will definitely want to consider a venue with indoor and outdoor space. Neverland offers the opportunity to create unique atmospheres in various parts of the venue. You can choose to hold the cocktail reception in one area and the dinner in another, providing your guests with distinct experiences.


Seating Options

Ensuring that everyone feels comfortable is key, and having a variety of seating options can achieve this. Additionally, you can use different types of seating to emphasize the theme of the party. By dividing the event space into different zones with couches, coffee tables, and cosy chairs, you can encourage guests to socialize and form smaller groups.


Creating multiple stations throughout the venue where guests can serve themselves snacks and drinks is also a great idea.


4. What type of food will be served?

It is important to inquire about the food that will be served before finalizing a contract. Venues without a menu should be avoided if you plan on having a catered event unless you want to bring in outside catering. For buffet-style events, it is highly recommended to choose a venue with an experienced catering team who can provide appropriate cuisine.


Finding a location with a kitchen where you can bring in outside catering (dry hire) is often important for organising a wedding. To accommodate guests with allergies, you should look for a venue with various food options and good allergen listings. 


5. Do the Corporate Event Venues offer any other services?

Are there existing facilities like a dance floor, a DJ, furniture, a projector, a sound system, or security?


You might also look for a venue with a corporate functions team to assist with setup and breakdown. If you are hosting a corporate event that needs extra equipment, ensure the external supplier and or the venue offers services like technical assistance. They should help you solve any problems you may be having, save time and money, and guarantee that your guests have a wonderful time.


6. How much space will you have for your guests?

How many guests? Before you choose a corporate event venue for your next event, it sounds pretty basic, but lots of people don't do it - you need to find out how much space you will need!  

Large Events

If you are hosting a large business event or bigger events like award ceremonies, you will want to find a venue with plenty of space for your guests to move around and mingle.  Thankfully at Neverland, we can host events with up to 500 standing capacity and 300 seating capacity.


You especially don’t want to choose a venue that is too small for your guests, especially if they want to socialise, mingle and later on even dance. 

Small Events

If you are planning a smaller event, it is recommended to look for a venue that has separate areas for your guests. This way, you can socialize and dance without disturbing others, ensuring a better experience for all.  At Neverland, we have separate areas to accommodate from 30 to 200.


Final Words

Hosting a corporate event is a special occasion. Before you look for corporate event venues, you need to consider all of the factors that will go into this decision.

You will want to find a venue with ample space for your guests, a design that inspires creativity, and delicious food and beverage options that satisfy most guests.

You will also want to find a venue that offers ample natural lighting, indoor and outdoor space, and services that can make your event experience more enjoyable.


With the help of this guide, you can find the best event venue near you. It is important to inquire about the food that will be served before finalizing a contract. Venues without a menu should be avoided if you plan on having a catered event. For buffet-style events, it is highly recommended to choose a venue with an experienced catering team who can provide appropriate cuisine. It is important to inquire about the food that will be served before finalizing a contract. Venues without a menu should be avoided if you plan on having a catered event. For buffet-style events, it is highly recommended to choose a venue with an experienced catering team who can provide appropriate cuisine.

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