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Neverland promises to be unlike any other corporate event venue you have seen before

Winter - Winterland

(Oct - Feb)

Spring - Little Kyoto

(Feb - Apr)

Summer - Fulham Beach

(May to Sep)

Conference Event Venue

Planning an upcoming corporate event?  If you are looking to host an event that will leave your guests feeling inspired, no further than one of the best corporate event venues in London. 


The venue changes seasonally, and with our unique and unusual surroundings, we will help you to create a memorable event for your team.

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Conference Venue 

Unusual Corporate events

Why not add some fun and excitement to your event by hosting it at one of the most unique and memorable corporate event venues in London?  Neverland is exactly that kind of a place.


This extraordinary venue has all the elements needed to give your next corporate event that WOW factor. From small lunches to large cocktail receptions or late-night parties. Even events up to 500 people.


Are you looking for a unique and memorable corporate event venue in London that will wow your team? Look no further than Neverland. With its seasonally changing pop-ups - it’s easily one of the most unusual venues in London. From Winterland to Fulham Beach Club in the summer to Little Kyoto in the spring, our venue offers a range of fun possibilities for your next event.


"So lovely to finally meet you last week!

Thanks so much for all your help with this event – it was a huge success and everything was perfect.  Staff was super lovely so thank you again for taking such a good care of us!"

Event via Abbi & Me, Aug 2022

Games & Activities

Games Area

Our games area has favourites like Arcade Basketball, Beer Pong and Table Tennis. 

Photo Booth

The photo booth is ready to capture magic moments with the friends

Resident DJs

Our resident DJ is on hand to play music and keep you dancing all day long...

Unique Event Venue

Whole venue hire

When to book?


October to Jananuary

Winterland Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Little Kyoto

February to April

Little Kyoto Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Beach Club

May to September

Fulham BeachWinterland Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

How to Choose the Perfect Unusual Conference Venue

Selecting the perfect unusual conference venue requires a careful balance of several factors, including:

  • Size

  • Budget

  • Location

  • Facilities

To ensure your event is a smashing success, take the time to research and visit potential venues for venue hire, keeping the needs of your attendees and the goals of your event in mind.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when considering conference venues in London. From the stunning gardens of Kew to the historic halls of the British Library, there are no shortage of unique and inspiring options to choose from. By prioritizing the experience of your attendees and selecting a venue that aligns with your event objectives, you’re sure to create a memorable and impactful conference.

Enhancing Your Conference Experience

To take your next corporate event to the next level, consider the many aspects of event planning that contribute to a memorable experience. From catering and entertainment to technical support and logistics, every detail matters when it comes to creating a successful event.

When selecting catering options, consider the dietary preferences and needs of your attendees, as well as the overall theme and atmosphere of your event. For entertainment, choose acts or activities that align with your conference objectives and resonate with your audience. Finally, ensure that your chosen event venue provides adequate technical support and equipment or arrange for outside assistance if necessary.

By carefully considering these elements, you can craft a conference experience that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees.


London is a treasure trove of unique and unusual conference venues, offering a wealth of options for event planners seeking to break the mold and create truly memorable experiences. From the panoramic views of the Sky Garden to the historic charm of The Royal Observatory Greenwich, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for conferences that inspire, engage, and captivate.

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect unusual conference venue, remember to prioritize the needs of your attendees and the goals of your event. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a conference experience that not only defies convention but exceeds all expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing an unusual conference venue in London?

When choosing an unusual event or conference venue in London, make sure to consider the size, budget, location, and facilities - all of which will contribute to creating the perfect setting for your event.

Pay attention to the size of the venue, as it will determine how many people can attend your event. Consider the budget, as this will determine how much you can spend on the venue and other aspects of the event. Location is also important, as it will determine how the location is located.

Are there unique conference venues outside of Central London?

Yes, there are unique venues outside Central London! Explore Kew Gardens, the Royal Air Force Museum and The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre for your next conference.

How can I enhance my conference experience?

Take the time to plan your conference and make sure to include event planning, catering, entertainment, and technical support for a truly immersive experience.

Be excited and engage with the other participants to make the most out of your conference experience!

Do unusual conference venues in London offer technical support and equipment?

It looks like unusual conference venues in London do offer technical support and equipment - however, it’s best to check with the venue manager about what they provide.

Don’t forget to arrange for outside assistance if necessary!

What types of events are suitable for unusual conference venues in London?

Unusual conference venues in London are perfect for corporate conferences, team-building events, fashion shows, product launches and more – offering memorable experiences for your attendees.

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