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Neverland promises to be unlike any other event venue you have seen before

An Outdoor Beach in London

Yet 70% covered in case of rain!

Seasonally changing themes - unique and memorable for your guests

Outdoor Event Venue

Planning an event and would like it to be outside?  If you are looking to host an event that will leave your guests feeling inspired, no further than one of the best outdoor event venues in London.  Our venue changes seasonally, and with our unique and unusual surroundings, we will help you to create a memorable event for your team.

Outdoor Venue For Hire

Outdoor venue for hire

Why not add some fun and excitement to your event by hosting it at one of the most unique and memorable indoor and outdoor event venues in London?  Neverland is exactly that kind of a place. This extraordinary venue has all the elements needed to make your next corporate event stand out. From small lunches to large cocktail receptions or late-night parties.

Outdoor Party Venue
Outdoor Party Venue - Neverland London

Are you looking for a unique and memorable corporate event venue in London that will wow your team? Look no further than Neverland. With its seasonally changing pop-ups - it’s easily one of the most unique party venues in London. From Winterland to Fulham Beach Club in the Summer to Little Kyoto in the spring, our venue offers a range of fun possibilities for your next event.

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Event Venue 


"So lovely to finally meet you last week!

Thanks so much for all your help with this event – it was a huge success and everything was perfect.  Staff was super lovely so thank you again for taking such a good care of us!"

Event via Abbi & Me, Aug 2022

Games & Activities

Games Area

Our games area has favourites like Arcade Basketball, Beer Pong and Table Tennis. 

Photo Booth

The photo booth is ready to capture magic moments with the friends

Resident DJs

Our resident DJ is on hand to play music and keep you dancing all day long...

Outdoor Party Venue London


Where to book?


Up to 35 People

Neverland Winter Chalet

Winter Chalet from Oct-Feb


Up to 10 People

Neverland Winter Hut

Winter Hut from Oct-Feb


Up to 12 People

Neverland Lodge Sofa

Lodge Sofa from Oct-Feb

Whole venue hire

When to book?

What makes a Perfect Outdoor Event Venue?

With the help of an outdoor event venue, you can turn your ideas into a fabulous outdoor event. You just have to find the right place and consider a few things to make it perfect. We all love those little outdoor moments: a sunset picnic in the park, cocktails on the beach or a barbecue party with friends. Those are things that you will never forget and make unforgettable moments. In planning an outdoor event, many factors must be considered before locking down your location, including, budget food and drink, music and entertainment. If you’re wondering where to find ideas for the perfect outdoor event venue and what to consider when choosing one, we’re here to help!


An outdoor event venue is any location where events are hosted outside. This can include parks, backyards, beaches, forests, gardens, rooftops and more. No matter where you choose, your venue will take your event from indoor to outdoor. An outdoor event venue is perfect for any season and type of event, whether a birthday party or a corporate event. You can use it to create a specific mood, theme or feeling that indoor spaces just aren’t able to replicate.


When choosing an event venue, the location is a significant factor. You need to decide if you want to do something close to home or go for something farther away. There are lots of places to choose from, but it’s essential to consider factors like the size of your group, accessibility and the weather. Some places are better for certain types of events than others. You also want to think about the look and feel you want to create. Do you want a modern, urban vibe or a more relaxed and casual feel? Every location has its vibe so choose wisely! At Neverland we're covered for all weather outcomes and different sections of the venue transport you to different locations.

Of course, budget is another factor to consider when choosing an event venue. You need to see the rates and what they include to know your budget. There are many different types of venues that have different rates depending on their amenities and location. You can also DIY and find a space with free or cheap options nearby. The cost of your event will depend on the type of event you’re hosting, the venue you choose, and any extras you want to add on (like drinks, food or entertainment).


Lighting and sound are essential elements in creating the perfect outdoor event. There are many things to consider when choosing your lighting - do you want to go into the evening or night? Do you need a big screen that can work in daylight for presentations or watching sports outdoors? Sound is also essential. You want to choose an event venue with good acoustics so your guests can hear everything and the ability to turn up the music as the night progresses.


You have a few options if you’re thinking about serving food or drinks at your outdoor event. You can choose to go with in-hand nibbles and bar snacks or sandwiches. Or, if you want a more substantial meal, you can choose something like platters, buffets, or even our favourite - the BBQ! For beverages, you can choose anything from water to beers to cocktails but remember to include the Lo and No for people that don't drink alcohol. There are many options for food and beverages that can be served at outdoor events. Select whatever sounds best for your event's theme, and your guests will surely enjoy it!


When choosing an event venue, you should also think about the activities you want to do. Some places will have options for you to do certain activities, like beer pong, table tennis, giant Jenga etc. Some places offer facilities to improve the experience, from spaces for kids to rooms with technology. You can choose from activities like team-building games, yoga or meditation, or a combination of everything.


You have surprisingly limited options when choosing an outdoor event venue in London. There are many places to host an event in a park or garden; which can be slightly impersonal and often impractical. So there are a few things to remember when choosing an outdoor event venue: theme, location, budget, and activities. If you need our help, don't hesitate to reach out to us as our team are experts at building great outdoor events.

What is an outdoor event venue?

Location, location, location


Think about light and sound

Food and Drink

Activities and logistics

The Bottom Line


October to Jananuary

Winterland Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Little Kyoto

February to April

Little Kyoto Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

Beach Club

May to September

Fulham BeachWinterland Unique Event Venue

Exclusive Hire from 120 to 500

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