Drag Bingo

Join us for "The 5* Drag Bingo Experience". It is a raunchy, hilarious event that involves bingo, games, lip-syncs and dance-offs. Not to mention, sing-a-longs and guest performances from some of London's hottest drag talent.


Neverland London, is the perfect venue for drag bingo. In winter, our venue is converted into a magical wonderland from October to March. Rather than a beach, our venue becomes an Alpine “Forest” perfect for toasting marshmallows around the fire pit on those frosty nights.


Besides, other cool features within our bar such as Igloos, fur-covered sofas, Ski-Lift Bubbles and a Bavarian Beer Tent.  During summer the venue has a beach theme in place.


We have a large capacity that can allow 500 people at one time. Therefore, you can be assured that our drag bingo is incredibly lively and filled with all sorts of fun going on.


Join Us For "The 5* Bingo Experience"


We provide the best 5* drag bingo experience in London and this is because of our unique and eccentric themes.


In the summer, we have a large outdoor space near the Thames that resembles a sandy beach with 80 tonnes of sand. Whereas in the winter, we can convert this into a pine forest with 150 trees. Both of which consist of two fully staffed bars so you can enjoy the drag bingo to the fullest.


It is not a coincidence that Neverland has worked with prestigious clients such as Sky, Loreal and Paypal, our venue is so diverse and flexible to meet any needs. Drag bingo is one of our most popular events and you are guaranteed an eye-watering night of laughter and joy.


Drag Bingo Tickets


Our drag bingo tickets cost £15 per person and you can book tables that sit 2-6 people. Plus, we also offer a special ticket for those celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding, engagement, proposal or birthday.


You can book your ticket online or reach out to us at hello@neverlandlondon.com. We will be happy to assist you and make sure you experience the best drag bingo event ever.

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