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Dry Hire

Dry Hire

Finding the perfect venue for your next event can be a daunting task. You have to consider location, capacity, facilities and more. If you’re looking for a dry-hire venue in London, you’ve come to the right place. 


Dry hire venues provide the perfect blank canvas for any occasion, from corporate events to weddings and private parties. Not only do you have the freedom to create your own unique experience, but you can also benefit from the flexibility of a dry-hire venue.


Using Neverland as your dry-hire venue in London, you can create a bespoke event tailored to your requirements.


What are Dry Hire Venues?

A ‘Dry Hire’ venue typically offers the use of its space without the catering elements. This allows you to make use of the space as you wish, and to cater for your guests in your own preferred way, making it a flexible choice for unique events. Venues may also offer Semi-Dry Hire and Inclusive Packages. 


Neverland London offers all three options, allowing you to customise your venue hire package to suit your needs.

Why is it called Dry Hire?

Dry hire traditionally means that you are hiring an empty building with no food or drinks, therefore ‘dry’. The scope of dry hire venues can be quite broad as some venues may be completely empty whereas some may include furniture and other facilities.  Here at Neverland, we offer the unique venue as it stands – furniture, games and fantastic décor included!

What is the alternative to dry hire?

The alternative to dry hire is inclusive packages, sometimes referred to as ‘wet hire’!  This is an option in which the event venue provides food, beverage, staff, and sometimes even entertainment along with the hire of the event space.  

Inclusive packages can initially seem more costly than dry hire options, but when taking into account delivery and set-up fees for caterers, drinks companies, mobile bars etc, they can work out to be a more budget-friendly option.

If you are torn between Inclusive Packages and Dry Hire options, please ask us for a quote for both so you can compare accordingly!

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Whether it's your TV Shoot, Film Shoot, Interview, Fashion Show, Product Launch or Conference, we are here to create an event to remember!

Space Hire is quoted on an Hourly or Daily basis.

Email us or fill in the form for pricing.

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What is Semi-Dry Hire?

Semi-Dry hire is the ‘half board holiday’ of venue hire; you pay for the venue and the food or the drinks for your event. This is great if you would like to provide your own specialist drinks but love the sound of Neverland’s menus or if you have your own preferred specialist caterer but want Neverland to provide their famous cocktails for your guests. This will depend on the nature and requirements of the event but allows for a lot more flexibility in your options when hiring a venue.

Semi-dry hire will help to take a chunk of the workload away from the organiser even if an Inclusive Package isn’t for you!

How does dry hire work?

Dry Hire works best when you have a plan and a clear vision for the type of event you want to create. We recommend getting a quote from your preferred caterer and your preferred venue and then establishing whether the caterer or venue will be providing your drink for the event (or you may wish to provide your own!). We are happy to meet with your caterers to work out the most efficient plan and use of our fully-fitted kitchen for them to prepare for your event here at Neverland.

At Neverland, due to licencing restrictions, our staff must serve any beverages you bring, so this is something to bear in mind when arranging your catering staff. We will also provide a manager on the day, security staff and a member of staff to oversee the games area. If you are providing external catering, your caterers will need to provide staff to prepare, serve and clear the food on the day.

The furniture, décor and background music are also included in our dry hire quote, so that’s something else to consider when collating quotes for your event.

When to use a dry hire venue?

Dry hire venues are great for event planners who have a strong vision of the type of event they want to create and therefore require a blank canvas to build it. Many people acquire a dry-hire venue for corporate events, product launches, Asian weddings, fashion shows, or events where specialised catering is required. At Neverland we host all of these events and more - get in touch to see what we can do!

When to Book?

Venue changes seasonally

What to look for when choosing a dry hire venue?

The most important factors to consider when searching for a venue are (in no particular order): date flexibility, location, capacity, facilities, equipment, furniture, licensing, layout, staff,  insurance, atmosphere, and, let's not forget the budget you have for all of the above.

Pros and cons of choosing a dry hire venue in London

  • Dry hire puts you in control of your event, it allows you to choose all your own suppliers which makes decisions flexible if specific requirements need to be followed.

  • Dry hire allows you to create an event which stands out from the crowd, you can really take the creativity to the next level and hand-pick each aspect of the event. 

  • Dry hire can be a more expensive option if your suppliers are not chosen carefully and budgets managed meticulously – an inclusive package is an easier way to keep an eye on spending!

  • Dry hire can become more stressful and time-consuming for the organiser as you will fully be in control of outsourcing any supplies, equipment, entertainment etc. It will require a little more coordinating on the day, ensuring everything is running smoothly and arriving at the venue as and when it should.


A dry-hire venue can be a great option if you're hosting an event. While certain costs are associated with a dry hire venue, the flexibility and potential cost savings can make it a great option for those with a specific vision or budget. When selecting a dry hire venue, it’s important to consider the size, location, and policies of the venue, as well as the costs of any equipment, additional staffing, and catering. It’s also important to plan ahead, stay organised, and have the right team in place to ensure that your event is a success. With the right preparation, a dry hire event can be a great way to create a unique and memorable event experience.


If you’re looking for a dry-hire venue for your next event or you’re not sure which option would suit you, get in touch and see what Neverland can do for you!


October to Jananuary

Winterland Bar Venue Hire

Dry Hire from 80 to 500

Little Kyoto

February to April

Little Kyoto Bar Venue Hire

Dry Hire from 80 to 500

Beach Club

May to September

Fulham Beach Bar Venue Hire

Dry Hire from 80 to 500

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