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Break the Mould: The Top 10 Unusual Conference Venues in London.

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

Tired of the same old conference rooms and hotel ballrooms? In the vibrant city of London, there is no need to settle for ordinary when it comes to hosting your next corporate event.

Dare to break the mould and reimagine what a conference can be by: using unusual venues, using creative space and exploring some of the most unusual conference venues the city has to offer.

Join us on a thrilling journey as we uncover ten of the most unique and unusual conference venues in Central London, as well as three exceptional and unusual venues beyond the city centre.

Conference event in Neverland London
Neverland London, Fulham

Discover how to choose the perfect unusual conference venue and how to enhance your conference experience with event planning, catering, entertainment, and technical support tips. Let’s dive in!

Short Summary

  • Explore 10 extraordinary conference venues in London for 2023 events!

  • Discover unique and inspiring spaces beyond the city like Kew Gardens, The Royal Air Force Museum & Roald Dahl Story Centre!

  • Enhance your experience with catering, entertainment & technical support to make it unforgettable.

Top 10 Unusual Conference Venues in Central London

Natural History Museum Event
Natural History Museum

Say goodbye to the monotony of traditional private and corporate events, and embrace the extraordinary. London is teeming with unique conference venues and meeting rooms that defy convention and spark inspiration.

From the breathtaking Sky Garden to the historic Tower Bridge Engine Rooms, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re organising a small business meeting, drinks reception, private party, or a grand gala, these ten unusual venue options in London offer something for everyone.

Each location boasts its own unique charm and character, ensuring your event will be truly unforgettable.

Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum Event

The Natural History Museum in London stands as a captivating and uniquely remarkable conference venue.

Nestled amidst the awe-inspiring displays of Earth's natural wonders, this institution offers an unparalleled backdrop for intellectual gatherings. With its grand architecture, including the iconic Hintze Hall and the enchanting Earth Hall, attendees find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of scientific wonder and discovery.

The museum's exhibits, from towering dinosaurs to exquisite gemstones, provide a source of inspiration and conversation, making it an ideal setting to foster innovative ideas and connections.

The Sky Garden

Sky Garden Conference area

Picture your conference soaring above the city streets in east London, surrounded by panoramic views of the iconic skyline. The Sky Garden offers just that, with a stunning event space featuring a terrace, bar, and restaurant. Floor to ceiling windows allow natural sunlight to flood the space, creating an atmosphere of openness and creativity.

From intimate meeting rooms to larger event spaces, the Sky Garden caters to a variety of both private parties and corporate events. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception a product launch, corporate hospitality, or a team-building event, this versatile venue provides stunning spaces and a breathtaking backdrop for a truly memorable experience.

The Tower Bridge Engine Rooms

The Tower Bridge Engine Room Conference area

Step back in time and immerse your attendees in the unique industrial setting of the Tower Bridge Engine Rooms, located near London Bridge. Built in 1894, these historic rooms house the engines that power the bridge’s foundations. With a capacity of up to 120 guests, the Tower Bridge Engine Rooms offer an incredible, one-of-a-kind event space in a central location.

Imagine hosting the grand hall for your conference surrounded by the original machinery and architecture of this iconic London landmark. The fusion of history and modernity creates an inspiring atmosphere, versatile space perfect for training events sparking innovation and conversation.

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum Conference area

Take your conference on a journey through the fascinating world of postal history at The Postal Museum.

This unique venue offers interactive exhibits and a thrilling Mail Rail train ride, transporting your attendees through the underground tunnels of the former Royal Mail railway. The museum is an excellent alternative to the London Transport Museum for those interested in transportation history.

Host your event in the museum’s dedicated conference facilities and captivate your attendees with the intriguing stories of postal communication. The Postal Museum’s engaging exhibits and immersive experiences are sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Barbican Conservatory

The Barbican Conference area

Escape the bustling city streets and surround your attendees with the lush, tropical oasis of the Barbican Conservatory. Located within the Barbican Centre, this sprawling botanical garden features over 2,000 species of plants, creating a serene environment for conferences and private events.

The conservatory’s tranquil atmosphere encourages focus and creativity, while the stunning backdrop of exotic flora adds a touch of the extraordinary. Consider the Barbican Conservatory for your next conference and let the beauty of nature inspire your attendees.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich

Delve into the wonders of time and space at the historic Royal Observatory Greenwich. Home to the Prime Meridian Line and Greenwich Mean Time, this awe-inspiring scientific institution offers a unique event space with unparalleled educational opportunities.

Host your event in the observatory’s elegant lecture theatre or meeting rooms, and allow your attendees to explore the rich history of this iconic scientific site.

With its blend of history and modernity, the Royal Observatory Greenwich is an ideal location for conferences that inspire discovery and innovation.

The British Library

The British Library

For a truly prestigious and intellectual setting, look no further than The British Library. As the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s largest libraries, this historic venue offers an air of sophistication and elegance that is sure to impress your attendees.

With access to rare books and manuscripts, The British Library provides an unparalleled backdrop for thought-provoking discussions, networking events and collaboration. Whether you’re hosting a small business meeting or a larger conference, this illustrious venue guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Sea Life London Aquarium

The British Library Conference Area

Dive into an underwater adventure at the Sea Life London Aquarium, one of the most unique conference venues in London. With a variety of marine life, including penguins, sea turtles, sharks, and jellyfish, this stunning venue offers an immersive experience that is sure to captivate your attendees.

Imagine dining alongside sharks and other marine life while discussing the day’s events. The Sea Life London Aquarium provides an unforgettable underwater-themed setting for your business meetings next dining events and conference, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

The Museum of Brands

The Museum of Brands Conference Area

Embrace the quirky and creative at The Museum of Brands, a one-of-a-kind venue that showcases the history of branding, packaging, and advertising. Located in Notting Hill, this museum is the perfect venue for events related to marketing, advertising, and creative industries.

With its engaging exhibits and unique setting, The Museum of Brands offers an inspiring atmosphere for brainstorming and collaboration. Captivate your attendees with the fascinating stories of iconic brands and spark their creativity in this truly unique venue.

Neverland London

Disney event in Neverland London

Neverland in Fulham is the perfect space for a range of events, from Christmas Parties and product launches to wedding receptions and networking events.

The venue transforms twice a year, Fulham Beach from April to October and Winterland from November to March and offers versatile event spaces.

In the Summer, transport your attendees to a beach-themed paradise at Neverland London, a relaxed and fun conference venue that evokes the spirit of summer. This laid-back atmosphere encourages open communication and collaboration, making it an ideal setting for team-building events and casual conferences.

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer

With its sandy shores, stunning event spaces, and tropical vibes, Neverland London offers a refreshing alternative to traditional conference venues.

Give your attendees a taste of the beach life with outdoor spaces and a sandy beach; let the good times roll at this unforgettable event venue.

In the Winter, Neverland undergoes a mesmerising transformation into a magical Winterland. The venue is reborn as an Alpine Lodge, featuring a delightful Bavarian Beer Trent, whimsical Ski-Lift Bubbles, cosy fur-covered sofas, and of course, the ever popular Winter Igloos.

Neverland, Fulham, London in the winter

So whether you're looking for a memorable yet unusual space for a team social, the perfect venue for annual award ceremonies, or a space that's more than just a standard meeting room, this seasonal and unforgettable venue acts as a fantastic blank canvas that can cater to all your needs.

Beyond Central London: Unusual Venues Worth the Trip

Kew Garden

While the Central London location boasts an impressive array of unique venues for private and corporate events, venturing outside the city centre can reveal even more extraordinary options.

From the tranquil beauty of Kew Gardens to the whimsical charm and quirky venues of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Let’s explore three venues beyond London that are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for your attendees at a fantastic venue.

Kew Gardens

Kew Garden

Immerse your attendees in the natural beauty of Kew Gardens, a stunning botanical garden located in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

With access to the world’s largest collection of living plants, Kew Gardens offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city streets and creates an inspiring environment for conferences and events.

Host your event in one of Kew Gardens’ historic buildings or picturesque outdoor events space, and let the beauty of nature inspire creativity and collaboration. This serene venue is perfect for conferences, training sessions and evening events that prioritise mindfulness and reflection.

The Royal Air Force Museum

The Royal Air Force Museum

Take to the skies at The Royal Air Force Museum, an aviation-themed venue that celebrates the incredible story of the Royal Air Force.

Located in London and the Cosford Midlands, this national museum houses an impressive collection of historic aircraft, including Spitfires, Hurricanes, and Lancaster bombers.

Host your conference among these awe-inspiring displays and let the spirit of innovation and exploration soar. The Royal Air Force Museum provides a unique backdrop for events and business meetings that aim to inspire and captivate attendees.

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

Enter the whimsical world of The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, a charming venue that celebrates the life and works of beloved author Roald Dahl.

Located in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, this museum offers a playful and imaginative setting for memorable events that is sure to delight and inspire your attendees.

With interactive exhibits, activities, and workshops, The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre provides a captivating environment for conferences that prioritise creativity and innovation. Let the magic of storytelling spark new ideas and connections among your attendees.

How to Choose the Perfect Unusual Venue for your Corporate Event

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

Selecting the perfect unusual conference venue requires a careful balance of several factors, including:

  • Size

  • Budget

  • Location

  • Facilities

To ensure your event is a smashing success, take the time to research unusual venues and visit potential venues for venue hire, keeping the needs of your attendees and the goals of your event in mind.

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when considering the ideal venue for you in London. From the stunning gardens of Kew to the historic halls of the British Library, there are no shortage of unique and inspiring venue options to choose from.

By prioritising the experience of your attendees and selecting a fantastic venue, that aligns with your event objectives, you’re sure to create a memorable and impactful conference.

Enhancing Your Conference Experience

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

To take your next corporate event up to the next level, consider the many aspects of event planning that contribute to a memorable experience. From catering and entertainment to technical support and logistics, every detail matters when it comes to creating a successful event.

When selecting catering options for large conferences, consider the standard dietary preferences and ensure the venue can cater to these. For entertainment, choose acts or activities that align with your conference objectives and resonate with the overall theme and atmosphere of the events space for your event.

Finally, ensure that your chosen event venue provides adequate technical support and equipment or arrange for outside assistance if necessary.


Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

London is a treasure trove of unique and unusual conference venues, offering a wealth of options for event planners seeking to break the mould and create truly memorable experiences.

From the panoramic views of the Sky Garden to the historic charm of The Royal Observatory Greenwich, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for conferences that inspire, engage, and captivate.

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect unusual conference venue, remember to prioritise the needs of your attendees and the goals of your event. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a conference experience that not only defies convention but exceeds all expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

What factors should I consider when choosing an unusual conference venue in Central London?

When choosing an unusual event or conference venue in Central London, make sure to consider the size, budget, location, and facilities - all of which will contribute to creating the perfect setting for your event.

Whether you're seeking a venue conveniently situated near major transportation hubs like Liverpool Street Station, a charming hideaway in Covent Garden, or a captivating space in the heart of London's West End, it is crucial to pay attention to the size of the venue, as it will determine how many people can attend your event.

Sky Garden
Sky Garden, London

Consider the budget, as this will determine how much you can spend on the venue and other aspects of the event such as drinks receptions and gala dinners. Location is also important, as it will determine how the location is located.

Are there unique conference venues outside of Central London?

Yes, there are unique venues outside of Central London! Explore Kew Gardens, the Royal Air Force Museum and The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre for your next conference.

How can I enhance my conference experience?

Neverland, Fulham, London in the summer
Neverland London, Fulham

Take the time to plan your conference, and make sure to include event planning, catering, entertainment, and technical support for a truly immersive experience.

Be excited and engage with the other participants to make the most out of your conference experience!

Do unusual conference venues in London offer technical support and equipment for corporate events?

Unusual conference centre venues in London offer technical support and equipment - however, it’s best to check with the venue manager about what they provide.

Don’t forget to arrange for outside assistance if necessary!

Little Kyoto in Neverland London
Neverland London, Fulham

What types of events are suitable for unusual conference venues in London?

Unusual conference venues in London are perfect for corporate conferences,, team-building events, fashion shows, product launches and more – offering memorable experiences for your attendees.


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