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Ten unusual wedding game ideas for fun-loving couples

Wedding Game Ideas

Games are a great activity to incorporate into your wedding at Neverland London. They keep your guests entertained, create lifelong memories and help to create a fun atmosphere. But if the thought of playing giant Jenga makes you cringe, you may need to look for something a little more unusual.

If having heaps of fun is high on your priority list, be sure to start gathering your ideas with plenty of time to spare. Unique entertainment gets booked up early, so put this to-do high up on your wedding checklist. From speech bingo to learning circus skills – we’ve gathered some of the best, and most unique party game ideas for you to ensure your wedding is one to remember.

Wedding Game Ideas

Hire something unexpected

If you’ve been to a wedding where children are invited, you may have seen a bouncy castle or a small craft station set up to keep the little ones entertained. But how many times have you played a murder mystery game at a wedding? Get creative and think outside of the box when it comes to hiring your wedding entertainment – there’s plenty of extraordinary options available.


From rodeo bulls to surfing to a blow up gladiator ring, some suppliers have some truly unique ways to keep you and your guests laughing. To keep things interesting, why not set up a few friendly competitions? The bridesmaids versus the groomsmen on an obstacle course, or sibling rivalry on a mini golf course or in a game of tug-of-war are all brilliant ways to enjoy some lighthearted fun with your guests. Neverland has the space to host all of these!


Instead of a boring game of hoopla, consider bringing in fire performers or circus entertainers, and supplying a box of props for your guests to learn a few simple tricks for themselves. Caricature artists, magicians and mime artists also make for fun and unusual entertainment. You could even hire an owl or alpaca charity to bring rare animals for your guests to adore, or set up an axe throwing or archery challenge arena.

Dressing up

Who doesn’t love dressing up? You can hire a trunk of themed costumes and accessories, then play party games to match for an unexpected and amusing evening – from pirate outfits and a treasure hunt, to 50s glam get-ups complete with a retro trivia bingo session. Or, set up a glitter bar where your guests can have fun applying glitter tattoos and make up (we have some excellent suppliers for this!) – you could even host a competition for the best design.

Play all day

For fun-loving couples, the thought of waiting until the evening to kick off the games may be frustrating. And for guests, waiting around for dinner to be ready is often the lull of the day. But, there are ways to have fun throughout the entire day of your wedding, think prosecco pong, shuffleboard or even interactive darts!

Speech bingo

On each place setting, leave a bingo card with common phrases heard in speeches. As your formalities commence, have your guests race to the finish to complete their cards and arrange a small prize for the winner. Not only will this ensure everyone is listening carefully, but it sets the tone for more fun later on. If you want your guests to be as merry as possible, you could adapt this into a game including fireball shots (not sure what those are? Ask our barmen!)

Craft kits

Another great way to pass the time before the food is served is to set each table with a small, easy craft kit. If you are giving away small potted succulents as favours, leave supplies for the guests to decorate them while they wait. Cardboard masks also work well, as your guests will enjoy wearing them throughout the day, and you could end up with a masquerade ball in the evening.

Table games

Sometimes it can be awkward to make small talk at a wedding, especially when you’re seated together with people you don’t often converse with. Help your guests to break the ice by supplying table games for them to enjoy while they await their dinners. Card games and small board games work brilliantly here, and they’re easily put away once the meals arrive.

A night to remember

Of course, the ultimate fun at a wedding is to be had once the sun sets. With these ideas, you’ll be sure to throw the party of a lifetime.

Wedding rings

Drinking games

Bringing some classic drinking games to your evening reception can provide a lot of nostalgic fun. From beer pong to accessory-free games such as ‘truth or dare’ or ‘never have I ever’, these pastimes are brilliant icebreaker games for your guests as they enjoy their time together at your wedding.

Fairground rides

Did you know you can hire fairground rides for your wedding? This is a showstopping entertainment option that will be heaps of fun for you and your guests. Complete the scene with candy floss carts and popcorn stands and you’ll be spinning and flying through the air in style at your evening reception.

Dance competitions

For a more low-key, but equally fun, option – host a series of dance competitions. Have your DJ blast out some cheesy classics such as Steps’ 5,6,7,8 and the Cha Cha Slide to see all of your guests have a whale of a time recalling the dance steps. Line dancing is somewhat of an underground craze at Neverland - check out our reels on socials. You could host a dance-off between different groups, or offer a prize for the most energetic or best dancer.

Laser tag

When night falls, strap up your guests with some laser guns and enjoy a match of hide and seek in the grounds of your venue. This childhood favourite is fun for all ages, and it can be a great way to encourage your guests to bond. Set up two or more home bases on the Neverland beach and battle it out barefoot to see which team will win the prize.

Make it your own

However you choose to entertain your guests at your wedding, be sure to plan something you and your partner will enjoy. Get creative and explore the many ways to enjoy some unusual wedding games at Neverland - get in touch to help us host your fun-loving wedding.

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