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21 Epic Hen Party Ideas in London She'll Never Forget!

Hen party ideas London
Celebrate your hen party in style!

So, you've been entrusted with organising the ultimate hen party in London? Fear not, because this city is your playground! Whether you're the bride's bestie or the honorary Maid of Honor (or the one who got roped into planning), London has everything you need to throw a celebration that'll have the bride-to-be saying, "I do" to the party of a lifetime!

Get ready to laugh, bond and make the groom jealous he's not invited!

Key Takeaways:

  • London Hen Party Haven: Whether you want a relaxing spa day, a fancy tea party or adventurous activities like glamping or a day at the beach (believe it or not!) or a murder mystery, London is your oyster.

  • Laughs and Memories: These ideas aren’t just about having fun; they’re about making memories. Get ready to share stories that will be retold for years to come!

  • Something for Everyone: From low-key to luxury, London has options to suit every style and budget. Round up your girls, put on your dancing shoes, and let's make the bride-to-be's night unforgettable!

Traditional Hen Party Ideas

Spa Day: Relaxing Hen Party

Spa hen party ideas london
Grab your facemasks and unwind with this spa day hen party

A spa day for a London hen party? Yes, please! What better way to celebrate than with you and your besties in fluffy robes, sipping herbal tea (or sneaking some bubbly), and getting pampered from head to toe?

No last-minute wedding stress, just pure relaxation. Enjoy deep tissue massages melting away all that wedding planning tension, facials that leave you glowing, and plenty of uninterrupted time to gossip and laugh. Plus, who doesn’t love lounging around while someone else does all the work? This is an upmarket treat that everyone will enjoy!

The best part? You all leave feeling fabulous and ready for the (next weekend's?) wedding festivities. Let's be honest: who doesn’t want to look amazing in those wedding photos?

Why not choose a hen-friendly spa with great pamper packages, like The Ned or The Berkeley in London? We've even got some suggestions in spa hotels in Bournemouth if you fancy leaving London?

Afternoon Tea: Classy Hen Party (with Bottomless Prosecco?!)

afternoon tea hen party
Who can say no to afternoon tea?!

Ah...who doesn't enjoy a good old-fashioned afternoon tea? You and your gal pals can chill in comfy chairs, glug bubbles or lapsang souchong (for those who might already be pregnant?!).

Plus, the tea sets are so pretty that they are practically begging for Instagram photos. And... those fruit scones with clotted cream...don't get me started!

It’s the perfect setup for catching up on the latest gossip without having to shout over blaring live music. Squint your eyes, and you could be on the set of a 90's British rom-com (minus Hugh Grant).


But the best thing about this is that it’s a touch of luxury that’s budget-friendly. Why not make it a really special occasion? Get dressed up, pretend you're going to Ascot (wear a fancy hat) and get ready for an afternoon filled with laughs, good company, and plenty of tea (and prosecco)!


There are some great hotels in central London, and almost all of them offer afternoon tea. We would go for one of the classics, but this depends on the group's budget. Check out Groupon, Virgin Experience Days, and other discounters for great deals!

Why not then tag this onto our next idea - dinner and dancing?!

Dinner and Dancing: Classic Hen Party Nights

dinner and dancing hen party
Dinner and drinks is the perfect relaxed hen do!

The next traditional London hen party idea on our list is dinner and dancing!

Sometimes, you just can't go wrong with the classics. Dinner and dancing is the chance for you and your gang to get all dressed up and hit the town.

However, rather than schlepping across London to another venue, whilst losing stragglers and waiting for Ubers, at these specific venues, you can walk from your table straight onto the dance floor (as soon as that prosecco hits the veins)!


At Neverland, we're dinner and dance specialists and we love to throw in some games like shuffleboard to keep the night going! Contact us to enquire about hen party packages from £49pp.

Dinner and Dancing Venues

If you're looking to add a unique twist to the classic dinner and dancing formula, why not book a themed night or something with special entertainment? Many venues, like us at Neverland, offer interactive experiences and themed events such as White Parties, Mamma Mia Nights, cocktail masterclasses and fun party nights. If you need more inspo, we've put together a list of some of our favourite Dinner and Dance venues in London.

These activities not only serve as great icebreakers for guests who may not know each other well but also create memorable moments that the bride-to-be will cherish.

In our opinion, the key to a successful hen party is balancing familiar comforts with exciting new experiences, ensuring everyone feels included and entertained throughout the night.

Unique Hen Party Ideas


Glamping hen party idea
Georgous girlies glamp!

Let's talk about taking your hen party to the great outdoors – but with a twist. We're not talking about roughing it in the woods; we're talking about glamping. It's camping's posh cousin, and it's perfect for an unforgettable hen do.

Picture your besties surrounded by nature, but with (almost!) all the comforts you could want. No struggling with tent poles or sleeping on lumpy ground here. We're talking proper beds, cute decor, and maybe even a hot tub if you're feeling fancy.


Now, we love a spot that offers more than just a pretty place to sleep. Check out Tipi Retreat Field in Sussex – it's got vineyards within walking distance. Wine tasting in your wellies? Yes, please! Otherwise, visit Airbnb's Tipi page to see what you can find near you.

Need a theme? Channel your inner Glastonbury goddess and go full sparkly boots and neon accessories. It's your chance to rock that festival look you've been dying to try.

As the sun sets, wrap up in cosy blankets and share some spooky stories under the stars. It's like a sleepover, but way cooler and with a much better view.

Budget and Bonding

While a glamping hen do delivers a perfect blend of laughter, glamour, and nature, it's also surprisingly wallet-friendly. But the real value? It's in the memories you'll create. From late-night chats around the campfire to group hikes and wine-tasting adventures, these shared experiences forge bonds that last far longer than any hangover.

After all, nothing says 'team bride' quite like conquering the great outdoors in style!

Murder Mystery Evening

murder mysteries hen party ideas
Murder Mystery hen do's are a fun activity to dress up and play detective!

Murder mystery? What? Isn't that something your parents did once?

Okay, trust me on this one. For starters, accusing your besties of imaginary crimes turns out to be a hilarious bonding experience.

There's nothing quite like the moment when the quiet one who's been acting shifty all night turns out to be the culprit. Who knew Sarah, the PR girl, had it in her to stab you in back?


There are some great companies that will set it up for you, like Murder57 and some great deals that include accommodation on virgin experience days and buy a gift. Our tip is to reach out to the venue direct and you can always get a good discount.

Between unravelling clues and interrogating suspects, you'll be snacking on delicious treats and sipping themed cocktails. It's the perfect mix of suspense, laughter, and indulgence – exactly what a hen party should be!

And let's be honest, there's something oddly satisfying about getting into character. Whether you're channelling Sherlock Holmes or a film noir femme fatale, it's a chance to let loose and have a laugh.


So gather your girl gang, dust off your magnifying glasses, and get ready for a night of mystery, mirth, and maybe a few plot twists. It's time to solve the case of the missing boring hen party and replace it with an evening of killer fun! :)

Rooftop Bottomless Brunch

rooftop hen party
Imagine hosting your hen-do on a beach themed rooftop!

I'm sure you've all experienced a bottomless brunch or ten in your time...but have you had it on a rooftop bar or even on a Beach in the heart of London?! It's one of our staple London hen party ideas!

Just picture you and your closest gals, chilling high above the city, sipping bottomless cocktails and digging into tasty brunch delights with a view that’s more Insta-worthy than your best selfie spot.


Consider spots like Fulham Beach Club or Skylight London for the ultimate rooftop style experience.

Whether you’re spilling the beans on the latest gossip or reminiscing about old times, we find a good bottomless brunch that creates the perfect vibe for laid-back celebrations. Plus, it means you have the whole evening still ahead of you!


At Neverland, we think you'll make the most of the hen-do experience when you add some entertainment (i.e themed attire or games to play). Our recommendation: check out our Mamma Mia Bottomless events. They're budget-friendly (£39pp) and very popular.

Hen Party Action Packed Adventures - Day Time Activities


Outdoor Yoga Classes

yoga hen do ideas
A yoga hen do is a great way to unwind before the wedding

How about an outdoor yoga class for your London hen party? You and the girls, in yoga gear that may not exactly match (who has time for that anyway?), trying to get into zen in a park or against a cityscape (or beachscape?!) backdrop.

Choosing a yoga class is about finding some peace together. What do they say "Friends that yoga together, stay together?"

There is nothing better than that feeling of unwinding, reconnecting and shaking off those pre-wedding nerves with some sun salutations and the occasional shoulder stand fail. We recommend cassie, who runs a great popup yoga club.

And, whether you’re a yoga pro or a complete beginner, this outdoor class adds a fun twist to your hen party activities and leaves everyone feeling refreshed and ready for the evening ahead.

 So grab your mats, get outside and let the yoga vibes kickstart a fun hen party full of laughter and memories to last a lifetime!

Adventure Parks

adventure park hen party ideas
What's a more exciting hen do activity then climbing trees and flying on zip lines?!

Does the bride want to add a dash of adrenaline to her hen party, but go-karting is no one's idea of fun?

Look no further than London's adventure parks!

It's time to swap your stilettos for nikes and your gucci belts for harnesses.

Why not visit Go Ape Battersea in Battersea Park for tree-top adventures with zip lines, rope bridges and Tarzan swings.

Or, is the bride more of a rock-climbing enthusiast? The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park has got you covered. Scale their impressive climbing walls and tackle their adventure playgrounds, challenge yourselves and cheer each other on. It’ll be an adventurous hen party afternoon to remember!

So, if you're looking to elevate your hen party from fun to unforgettable, an adventure park is a great option. Push your own limits, deepen friendships and have an absolute blast doing it. After all, who says hen parties can't be both sophisticated and a little bit wild?

Tag on a dinner and dancing venue afterwards and your hen party planning is wrapped up.

Treasure Hunts

treasure hunt hen do activity
Explore the city with a Treasure Hunt hen-party activity!

If you're looking for city-based adventure, how about a treasure hunt in London (or another european city) for a fun hen party?

If you're the type that pictures yourself running around Central London like excited kids, cracking clues and uncovering hidden gems, then a treasure hunt could be just for you!

You can even tailor the hunt to fit the bride’s personality—whether she’s a history nerd, a movie buff, or just loves a good laugh. Plus, it’s a fun way to get everyone moving and exploring, with plenty of chances for funny selfies and group shots.

Providers and budget

City days has some great options for customisation. Work together to solve fun challenges & puzzling clues from £15 to £40pp

  • Guided by clues sent to your phones

  • Explore London's historic landmarks and hidden gems

  • Discover top-rated pubs, bars and cafes

  • Compete for the top spot on the London leaderboard


An example, you ask? You could do a “Royal Quest” treasure hunt. Start at Buckingham Palace, where your first clue might involve figuring out the year Queen Victoria became queen. Next, head to the Tower of London to solve a riddle about the Crown Jewels.

Then, dash over to Covent Garden to find a performer in a specific costume and snap a photo. Finally, wrap it up at the London Eye with a cheeky challenge to take a group selfie while riding one of the pods!

It’s a great mix of fun activities, teamwork, and London magic.

Cultural and Educational Experiences

Cooking Classes

cooking class hen party activity
A cooking class is a recipe for the perfect hen party!

A cooking class is always one of the best hen party ideas because it’s a 'recipe' for fun, new skills and making tasty treats! What's not to love?

You and your gals can attempt to master new cuisines with kimchee flying and spices spilling everywhere. Add in some patisserie, and it’ll be like your own episode of Bake-Off!

And the best part? You get to feast on your culinary creations afterwards, whether they turn out gourmet or slightly... experimental.

Whether you're a chef or not, this is a deliciously fun way to celebrate the foodie bride-to-be. From sushi rolling to cupcake decorating, it’s sure to cook up some epic memories and give you plenty of tasty hen-do ideas to savour!

There are classes all over London, and prices typically start from £50pp

Art Classes - Sip and Paint!

art class hen party ideas
Whether you're a seasoned artist or not, this is a fun hen do activity that everyone will enjoy!

Ever wonder why heart-to-heart conversations flow so easily when you're doodling or colouring?

There's a fascinating reason behind it! When you engage in creative activities, like painting, you're primarily using the right side of your brain.

This frees up the left side, which handles logic and language, allowing for more open and fluid conversation. It's like unlocking a secret pathway to deeper connections!

Now, imagine applying this concept to your hen party. Picture this: you and your besties, paintbrushes in one hand, wine glasses in the other, creating masterpieces (or hilarious attempts at them) while conversations flow as freely as the prosecco. As you focus on your masterpieces, you might find yourselves sharing thoughts, feelings, and memories that don't usually surface in day-to-day chats.

Whether you’re making wonky pots, splodging abstract canvases or trying to draw each other without laughing, the giggles and bonding are what make it unforgettable.

After all, the best hen parties don't just celebrate the bride-to-be – they celebrate the bonds of friendship that brought you all together in the first place.

We recommend googling "sip and paint" or "brush and bubbles" and you'll find a great option near you!

Wine Tasting

wine tasting hen party
Wine and cheese? Yes please!

Next up, let me tell you why a wine tasting sesh is a great hen night idea!

Picture you and your closest friends pretending to be wine experts, swirling glasses and sharing laughs over each sip.

Whether you’re debating which wine pairs best with gossip or who has the fanciest pinky raise, every taste becomes a celebration of the bride-to-be.

 And let’s not forget the cheese and chocolate pairings that turn the tasting into a delicious adventure!

With cosy venues and lots of chances for silly selfies, it’s the perfect excuse to dress up, unwind, and make memories that will have everyone toasting to a hen party filled with laughter and good vibes.

Cheers to an unforgettable time in London!

Relaxing and Indulgent Experiences

Luxury Dining Experiences

luxury dining hen do activity
Delicious food, great company and a stunning restaurant - the perfect ambience for a hen do!

A Michelin-star restaurant for a hen party?

For the bride who appreciates the finer things in life, why not elevate your hen party with a truly indulgent dining experience? London's culinary scene offers a smorgasbord of high-end options that will deliver a special night out (at a price!).

Places like Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester or Restaurant Gordon Ramsay offer world-class tasting menus that are perfect for a special celebration.

For a touch of whimsy with your luxury, consider Sketch in Mayfair. Its pink-hued Gallery room feels like stepping into a fairy tale, complete with afternoon tea that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. It's an Instagram dream come true!

If you're after something more interactive, we recommend booking a chef's table experience. Watch culinary magic unfold before your eyes at venues like Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs or Aulis London. It's dinner and a show, with you in the front row!

Here’s to a hen party with amazing food, fantastic company, and an unforgettable adventure in fine dining.

Cheers to that!

Theatre Shows

theatre show hen night idea
Let the hen party show begin!

Looking for a hen party idea that's equal parts glamorous and entertaining? Why not take your celebration to London's glittering West End? There's nothing quite like the magic of live theatre to add a dash of drama (the good kind!) to your special night out.

But you’re not watching any old show – oh no, you’re in the middle of live drama with actors going full out like it’s their last audition for Hollywood.

Whether it’s the heart-pounding spectacle of The Phantom of the Opera, the hilarious antics of The Book of Mormon or the storytelling of Hamilton you’re glued to your seats debating which character is the dream date (or total nightmare).

And between acts you’re planning your acceptance speeches for Best Bridesmaid and trying not to laugh out loud when someone gets the plot twist.

It’s like a live chick flick but with more laughs and maybe a few “did that really just happen?!” moments.

Boat Party Cruise

Boat party hen do ideas
A unique hen idea where you can sip on champagne and admire the River Thames!

Alright, next up, imagine this: a boat party in London for your hen do—now that's what I call a game-changer! Picture cruising along the River Thames with all your besties, waving at Big Ben like it's your personal paparazzi moment.

And guess what? You've got the whole boat to yourselves, no randoms crashing your bash. It's all about your friends, the music pumping, and those iconic London skyline views. Rain or shine, you're covered (literally!).

There are so many great boat party options in London too. You could go for a swanky affair with Thames Luxury Charters, where you can have gourmet food and a posh setting. Or maybe a more laid-back vibe with City Cruises, enjoying cocktails and dancing under the stars.

And if you're up for something really unique, why not check out The Dutch Master, a converted Dutch cargo ship that hosts some seriously epic parties?

Whatever floats your boat, London's got you covered for a hen party you won't forget!

DIY and Budget-Friendly Options

Picnic in the Park

picnic - london hen party ideas
Grab your sunhat and unwind at this epic hen party!

Ever thought of ditching the popular hen party ideas for something completely scenic and relaxed (not to mention cheap!)?

We all know that weddings are costly enough. So, if you're looking for something more low-key and budget-friendly, you can't go wrong with a cosy picnic in one of London's picturesque parks - take Hyde Park or Kensington Gardens, for example.

You’ve got your snacks—gourmet sandwiches stacked with mozzarella and prosciutto, decadent chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of your favourite prosecco.

And the scenery? It’s straight out of a postcard—serene ponds, greenery and maybe a squirrel or two eyeing up your snacks. At the end of the day, if you've got great company and delicious food and drinks, what more do you need?!

Who knew a bit of grass and sunshine could be just the ticket to the perfect hen party?

Home Spa Day

at home spa day hen party ideas
Grab your favourite facemasks and cocktails...we're having a home spa day hen do!

Who needs an overpriced spa when you can turn your living room into a relaxation den? A home spa day is a brilliant, budget-friendly hen party idea!

Pamper yourselves with DIY facials using avocado and honey (and maybe sneak a taste), cucumber slices for your eyes (and your cocktails), and homemade sugar scrubs.

Give each other mani-pedis, try some calming yoga (or just laugh at your failed attempts), and slather on coconut oil hair masks.

The best thing about this hen night is that you can do all this while lounging in your comfiest pyjamas and sipping prosecco without a care in the world.

It's cosy, relaxed, and perfect for making fabulous memories without spending a fortune!

Movie Night

hen party movie night
You can't go wrong with a classic rom-com like Bridesmaids for your hen party movie night!

A movie night is such a great idea for a budget-friendly girls' night! Picture you and your closest friends snuggled up in your softest pyjamas, surrounded by fluffy blankets and endless bowls of popcorn.

It’s so easy to set up—all you need are your favourite movies and a comfy spot to watch. Talk about top-notch hen night ideas! You can mix it up with classics, rom-coms, or action-packed thrillers—whatever floats your popcorn boat!

And when it comes to snacks, the options are endless! Forget the overpriced theatre stuff—DIY popcorn flavours, candy galore, and homemade treats.

The best part? You can press pause for bathroom breaks, debate which character deserves the Oscar for Best Drama Queen, and attempt to reenact scenes with the finesse of a comedy sketch gone wrong.

It’s the ultimate in hen party planning—a laid-back, laughter-filled way to celebrate with your pals, creating stories you'll be laughing about for ages!

Fun Filled Nights: Hen Party Ideas

Bar Crawls

bar crawl bridal party
Bottoms up for a good time and a memorable hen!

A bar crawl is seriously the ultimate hen party plan for loads of reasons! First of all, if one place isn't your vibe, you can just strut on to the next! And we all know there are plenty of bars in London so you won't be running out of places to explore anytime soon.

You could start in Covent Garden, hitting up quirky joints like Cahoots for retro vibes and cocktails served in teacups. Then, hop over to Shoreditch for artsy vibes at Queen of Hoxton's rooftop bar, where the views are almost (but not quite!) as stunning as your dance moves after a few drinks.

And let's not forget Soho—where the night gets wilder than a game of truth or dare! So, whether you're busting moves at Bar Soho or sipping secret potions at Experimental Cocktail Club, it's a treasure hunt for the best drinks and dance floors.

Trust me on this one, even the bride-to-be won't forget this adventure, no matter how many cocktails she tries to forget it!

Karaoke Nights

karaoke hen party ideas
Sing your heart out at this karaoke hen party!

How about a karaoke night for the ultimate hens night? Imagine you and your girls taking over the mic like pros (or not-so-pros – it’s all part of the fun!) while sipping cocktails that give you the courage to hit those high notes.

Whether you’re belting out tunes at Lucky Voice in Soho, finding your own little karaoke hideaway at Karaoke Box in Smithfield, or stealing the show at Bunga Bunga in Battersea, karaoke makes everyone a superstar and guarantees a night of laughter and memories!

Trust me on this one: for a London hen party that you won't forget any time soon, karaoke is the perfect choice!

Comedy Clubs

comedy club hen party
Laugh the night away at a comedy club hen party idea!

Ever wondered why comedy clubs are so much fun for a hen party?

It’s not just about sitting back and smiling—oh no, these places pull you into the action! Just picture your mum getting roasted by the comedian (I hope you've got your waterproof mascara on!) and your bestie busting out dance moves on stage.

If you’re looking for London hen party ideas, check out The Comedy Store in Leicester Square. They always have top comedians. For a more relaxed and hilarious night, go to Angel Comedy Club in Islington for their free shows.

And if you want a quirky, cosy night, The Top Secret Comedy Club near Covent Garden is like finding a comedy gem.

Laughter and a few drinks to calm those pre-wedding nerves—what’s not to love? Get your friends together, be silly and get ready for a hen party that’s comedy all the way!

Tips and Tricks for Your Hen Parties:

1) Budgeting

nudgeting for hen parties
When it comes to saving money...every little helps!

First of all, set a budget for the hen do. Try to stick to it, but let’s be real, some things are just too good to miss (that must-have cocktail at the rooftop bar). Pool your money, prioritise experiences and remember, the best memories are worth every penny.

2) Booking in Advance

booking hen parties in advance
The earlier you book, the better!

Book early, especially in London, where trendy spots disappear faster than the last slice of cake. Get those bookings in, check the details and be prepared for surprises (like the groom’s ex crashing the party).

3) Transportation

transportation for hen party
We all know that TFL can be a make sure to check for delays!

Navigate London like a local. Plan your routes, sort out transport and embrace the chaos.

If you get lost, it’s just another chance to find a hidden gem or a new favourite pub. Who needs Google Maps when you have spontaneity?

4) Accommodation

accomodation for hen parties
The type of accomodation sets the tone for your hen party!

Choose a place that fits your friends' style. Whether it’s a funky Airbnb, a chic boutique hotel or a luxurious suite where you can get ready for the night ahead, make sure everyone has a place to crash after dancing till dawn.

Nothing says "bonding experience" like sharing a bathroom mirror for last-minute touch-ups.


hen party at Neverland London
Hen parties at Neverland London are the ultimate in fun!

So there we have it - our list of the best hen party ideas in London! If you were stuck on ideas, we hope this list has sparked some inspiration for your next hen do!

Whether you're up for a posh spa day, a quaint afternoon tea, or something completely out there, London's got it all to pamper the bride-to-be in style.

Get ready to uncover hidden gems, sip on cocktails, and create memories that'll have everyone laughing. So, gather your gals, pick your outfits and send the bride off in style!


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