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London Day Party Ideas: 10 Best Ways to Soak Up the Sun and the Fun

Day Parties - Neverland London
What screams summer more than a day party on the beach?!

Ready to take your day party game to the next level? Welcome to London's sizzling daytime scene, where the beats are hot, the drinks are cold, and the vibes are absolutely unmatched!

From rooftop bars to secret garden parties, London's day party scene is as diverse as it is thrilling.

Imagine sipping cocktails while taking in stunning city views, the sun warming your skin as you laugh with friends. Or perhaps you'll find yourself dancing like nobody's watching at a hidden riverside beach venue.

Our insider's guide will lead you to the most incredible daytime events in the city, with tips and tricks so good, even your grandma will be begging to tag along. Get ready to discover hidden gems that will make your day party the stuff of legends – or at least the envy of your Instagram followers.

From beach parties in the heart of the city to bottomless brunches that will have you singing along to your favourite tunes, we've got you covered. So, grab your sunglasses, round up your squad, and let's make next weekend one for the books!!

Key Takeaways

  • London's summer day party scene is a wild mash-up of events, from posh brunches to quirky boat adventures to day festivals, the fun really doesn't stop!

  • These venues have their rules—dress codes, gourmet bites, and ticketing quirks—all part of the adventure. Whether you're chasing high-energy vibes or chilling in a garden oasis, there's a London day party with your name on it.

  • Tickets are up for grabs now—why wait until summer when the party's already started?

The Rise of Daytime Entertainment

Daytime party at Neverland London
A day party is the perfect way to have fun without the hangover!

Day parties are the perfect way to have fun without the dreaded morning-after hangover! As London (hopefully!) soaks up the July sun, the city's social scene heats up in a whole new way.

Thanks to evolving nightlife regulations and a post-pandemic desire for daytime socialising, day parties have become the new "must-do" on everyone's social calendar, sprouting up in swanky rooftop spots and lively outdoor venues across town.

And these events aren't just for the night owls anymore. They're luring in a mix of youngsters, families, and anyone else itching to let loose under the sun without that awful hangover the next morning!

Rooftop Daytime Parties

1. Netil360 - Hackney

Summer terrace party in East London
An East London summer terrace party with a view!

Discover the charm of a day party at Netil360, located in the heart of Hackney, East London's creative district.

As you enjoy a refreshing cocktail and admire the impressive views of London's skyline, you might find yourself humming along to Imagine Dragons' "On Top of the World" – a song that perfectly captures the mood of this rooftop venue.

Netil360 is more than just a rooftop bar; it's a dynamic cultural space that reflects Hackney's artistic character. From rooftop yoga sessions to movie nights, live music performances, and memorable day parties, there's always something exciting happening here.

What makes Netil360 stand out is its commitment to collaborating with local artists and performers, creating events that are as unique as they are entertaining. If you're looking for a summer day party that's both fun and full of surprises, Netil360 is the ideal spot!

As the sun sets, the party at this rooftop oasis continues. DJs take the stage, playing energetic beats that keep the crowd going well into the night.

And as dog lovers at Neverland, we thought we'd mention a delightful surprise Netil360 has in store for you – a friendly rooftop dog who's always ready to keep you company as you soak in the venue's fantastic atmosphere and enjoy a memorable evening!

2. Fulham Beach Club at Neverland London - Fulham

Summer day party at Neverland London
Dance like no one's watching at this beach- themed rooftop - the perfect day party venue!

Imagine a day where party anthems hit you like a confetti cannon, singalongs are louder than the DJ, and dance-offs are more competitive than a game show.

You've just discovered a hidden gem in the heart of Fulham, London – a sandy beach club where you can rub shoulders with Instagram celebs and party the day away with the city's iconic skyline as your backdrop.

Welcome to Neverland London, a one-of-a-kind day party experience that brings the magic of Miami to the middle of the city. Their daytime parties kick off at 3pm until 7pm, so you can expect 4 hours of non-stop parting.


One of our favourite features of Neverland is the delicious food, from mouth-watering street food to large sharing platters of tacos and wood-fired pizzas, the focused menu caters to the seasons. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely feast, you'll find your day party appetite spoilt for choice.


Neverland is more than just great food and drinks. With an ever-changing lineup of themed events and bottomless brunches, each visit to this exciting venue feels like a brand-new adventure.

As the day turns to night, Neverland transforms into an even more magical place. The energy is infectious, the music is pulsing, and the drinks keep flowing. It's the perfect setting for evening sundowners with your favourite people.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your crew, slather on some sunscreen, and prepare for a weekend filled with laughter, fun, and extraordinary experiences at Neverland London – the hidden beach party gem in the heart of the city.

Book your daytime party or hen party at Neverland London here!

3. Golden Bee - Shoreditch

Day party in London
A funky terrace is the perfect spot for a summer day party baking in the sunshine!

Why is The Golden Bee the ultimate spot for a day party, you ask? Picture yourself soaking up the sunshine on their terrace, drink in hand, surrounded by Shoreditch's funky street art – it's seriously cool.

Inside, it's all about the cosy vibes mixed with a touch of swankiness, making it the perfect spot to kick back and have a blast with your friends.

And oh boy, the entertainment? They've got DJs who could get even the most shy folks up and dancing! Plus, their cocktails? Let's just say they're so good, you'll be booking your next visit before you've even finished your first drink. It's the perfect spot for a chilled weekend!

And when the party eventually winds down, you're right in the heart of Shoreditch, so the adventure doesn't have to stop there.

Trust me, if you're looking for the summer day party of your life, check out The Golden Bee.

So, what are you waiting for, book your day party here!

Street Parties and Festivals: Daytime Events

4. All Points East Day Party - Victoria Park

Festival day parties
This music festival is the ultimate day party where you can sing, dance and eat your heart out!

Step into the vibrant world of All Points East! You're strolling through Victoria Park, surrounded by contagious laughter, lively music, and the delicious aroma of street food. It's just like entering a vibrant carnival, with a new adventure waiting to be discovered in each corner!

The music? From familiar tunes to hidden gems, each beat draws you in and gets you moving.

But All Points East isn't just about the tunes – it's a whole world waiting to be explored. Take a wander through the festival grounds, and you'll stumble upon quirky art installations, cosy hangout spots, and maybe even a surprise performance or two. Who knows what treasures await?

And let's not forget about the food! Oh, the food! Treat your taste buds to a global feast at the food market, where every bite is a flavour explosion. Ever tried Korean BBQ tacos or indulged in vegan street pizza? Now's your chance to dive in!

So why wait? Come join the fun – because at All Points East, the day party never ends! Who's ready to dance until dawn?

All Point East takes place in London’s Victoria Park once again this August over the weekends of August 16-18 and 23-25.

Book your tickets here!

5. Notting Hill Carnival

Notting hill carnival day party  bashment day party
Notting Hill Carnival - a day party where the vibrant colours of London come alive

Notting Hill Carnival is the biggest day party of them all, where the streets come alive with colour, sound and pure fun. Imagine dancing nonstop to calypso, soca, reggae and more – it’s a giant dance-off where everyone’s a winner.

This carnival is all about Caribbean culture and heritage, so you can experience the most amazing parades with costumes so fabulous they’d impress Lady Gaga. And the food? Oh, the food! Jerk chicken, curry goat and enough rum punch to keep you dancing all night night long.

But it’s not just about the music and the food; there’s a real sense of community here. Notting Hill Carnival has been running since 1966 and has grown from a small local event to Europe’s biggest street festival!

And the best bit? It’s free! No ticket required, just bring your dancing shoes, your party vibes and maybe a feather boa for good measure.

So come and join the party! Notting Hill Carnival is a day of music, dancing and lots of fun. Once you step foot in the street festival, you won't want to leave!

And if you don't want the party to end, why not head to Bashment Whine- London’s Official Notting Hill Carnival After Party! Expect to hear the best in Bashment, Dancehall, Hip-Hop & R&B and more!

Notting Hill Carnival takes place in London from Sunday 25th to Monday 26 August 2024

6. Club de Fromage Day Party - Islington

Day parties at club de fromage
Party like no other at Club de Fromage!

Picture a day filled with electrifying pop tunes that make you want to jump up and sing at the top of your lungs, where the energy of the crowd is so contagious that even the shyest person can't help but join in the chorus, and where the dance floor becomes a stage for showcasing your most impressive moves.

Their daytime parties kick off at 3pm until 7pm, so you can expect 4 hours of non-stop retro cheese bangers from the likes of ABBA, Queen , Britney, Whitney , The Spice Girls, Bon Jovi, Prince, Daft Punk, Blur, Wham!, Fleetwood Mac, Madonna, A-Ha, they'll throw in all sorts to keep the dance floor jumping!

The Fromage stage show? It’s a wild ride of craziness that could rival a circus act—think of it as your chance to shine brighter than the disco ball. From Glastonbury to Winter Wonderland, this party has left its mark everywhere, making sure you sing, dance, and laugh so hard, your abs will thank you later.

Bottomless Brunch Summer Day Party

7. Peggy Jean at Riverside Green - Richmond

Brunch on a boat - day party
Bottomless brunch on a boat? Yes please!

Picture this: you're by the riverside, soaking up some rays, feeling the breeze, and sipping on bottomless mimosas that magically refill themselves.

This riverside oasis located in Richmond is now part of the Daisy Green collective, which is spreading Aussie brunch vibes across London like Vegemite on toast.

They've got tunes that make you dance like nobody's watching—well, until someone starts recording your epic moves for TikTok.

But wait, there's more! Peggy Jean's menu isn't just about pizza prowess—it boasts fresh calamari, day boat fish, and Tomahawk steaks cooked over coals, making it a carnivore's dream. And let's not forget their specialty: long, leisurely, and bottomless brunching, because why rush when there's good food and great company to enjoy?

And fear not, fur parents! Peggy Jean is dog-friendly all day long, with cushy beds, plenty of water, and special doggie biscuits to keep your four-legged mate wagging their tail.

So grab your mates, grab your appetite, and head to Peggy Jean for brunch with a view that's as London as it gets—overlooking Richmond Bridge and riverside, with a side of Aussie charm and a whole lot of good vibes.

Bottomless brunch is served from 10am - 4pm Monday - Saturday & 12:00pm - 4pm on Sundays

Includes one sweet and one savoury each and free-flowing fizz and mimosas for 90 minutes. £49.9pp

8. When Abbey Met Claud - Nottinghill

Bottomless brunch day party
Once you experience this bottomless brunch day party, you will definitely be doing it again!

Right in the heart of Notting Hill, a skip away from the famous Portobello Market, When Abby Met Claud is the local spot everyone's buzzing about. Picture delicious brunch and dinner plates that are almost too pretty to eat, paired with bottomless brunches and cocktail dinners that are so popular, they've practically become their own food group.

It's the perfect spot for catching up with friends and gossiping over a cocktail or two.

Abby and Claud go way back to their boarding school days in 2001, bonding over their shared West London roots and undying devotion to Britney and JLo. They dreamed up a place that serves up fantastic food and drinks but also feels like a warm hug—a place to toast successes or forget the day's stress.

At its heart, When Abby Met Claud celebrates true female solidarity—two moms, one fabulous restaurant, and countless reasons to raise a glass.

Bottomless brunch is available on Wednesday – Sunday between 11am – 4pm (last booking 4pm)

It is £25pp for 90 minutes of unlimited bubbles or £28 to include WAMC brunch cocktails.

Boat Day Party

9. London Party Boats

boat day party
A boat day party is best way to party while admiring London!

Ahoy there, matey! Are you ready for the ultimate summer day party on the Party Boat Cruise? Forget dry land – this summer, you and your friends will be partying on the water, with London's stunning skyline as your backdrop.

This isn't your average boat ride – it's a floating festival! Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just living in the moment, this cruise is an experience you'll never forget.

The boat features a DJ playing back-to-back sets that'll have you dancing like there's no tomorrow and bars stocked with ice cold drinks!

And if you're worried about the weather, don't be! The boat's got you covered (literally!), inside and out, so you can soak up the sun without a care.

At just £29 per person (including food), it's an adventure that won't break the bank! So round up your pals, secure your tickets, and let's set sail for a summer day party on the Thames!

If you're still on the fence, just ask yourself this: where else can you sunbathe, take in stunning views, and party, all while cruising down one of the world's most famous rivers?!"

10. Skuna Boats

Boat day party
Did you know that you can have a hot tub or a BBQ on a boat?!

Ok, this one isn't quite a day party, but an epic afternoon out! Embrace the quirkiness and get ready for a seriously fun time with Skuna Boats!

The best part? You don't need to be a seasoned sailor to join in on the adventure.

If you're looking for a wonderfully bizarre way to spend your Saturday afternoons, Skuna Boats are the perfect choice!

But what the heck is a Skuna Boat, I hear you ask? The Skuna Boat comes in two forms: the Hot Tub Boat and the BBQ Boat.

The Hot Tub Boat

The Hot Tub Boat is the epitome of pure bliss. Imagine cruising around in a boat with an electric engine and a wood-fired hot tub onboard – it's like a scene straight out of a movie! Don't worry if you've never piloted a boat before; steering is a breeze, and you'll feel right at home in no time.

Cleanliness is a top priority, so the water is changed after every trip, allowing you to soak away with complete peace of mind. Plus, with the water heated to a perfect 38°C / 100°F, it's ideal no matter the weather!

The BBQ Boat

Now, let's talk about the BBQ Boats – the perfect recipe for good times with great company. These boats are fully equipped and ready to host up to 10 guests. Gather your friends, fire up the grill, and let the good times roll!

Whether you bring your own food or opt for one of their delicious pre-ordered packages, you're in for a treat!

Prepare to laugh, relax, and enjoy the company of your favourite people while honing your grilling skills and sipping on that delicious Provence rose!

(Available in the docklands: book these at :

What to Expect at a London Day Party

Day party at Neverland London
The perfect summer day party conisists of ,music, food and booze..and lots of it!

Going on a day-long party adventure in London is like hitting the jackpot for non-stop fun! You get to groove from morning 'til night at venues that keep the party vibes going strong without having to hop around. It's the ultimate recipe for a day full of laughter, dancing, and memories in one awesome place!

Dress Code and Atmosphere

When it comes to these parties, dress codes range from snazzy to comfy, depending on the venue and vibe. Take ‘Mistress Mary’ for example—it’s so exclusive, you need an invite just to sneeze! The atmosphere there is chill, influencing what people wear and how they mingle. Kick start your day party with an outfit to remember!

Food and Drink

A summer day party in London is a foodie's dream come true! Picture yourself grazing from tempting street food to fancy gourmet treats that'll make your taste buds sing. It's not just a party for your ears and eyes but a feast that satisfies every sense, leaving you with a belly full of joy and a smile to match.

Ticketing and Admission

Knowing the ticketing and admission rules is key to cracking the code to these events. Sites like Eventbrite make snagging tickets a breeze, but once you've clicked 'buy,' there's usually no turning back—kind of like committing to a roller coaster ride!

And hey, if you're organizing a big shindig or a birthday blowout, sweet-talk those event planners for some VIP treatment or maybe even a discount. It's all about working those connections, right?


woman dancing at day party
Let your hair down and have a day party!

So, there we have it - our list of the best London day parties for a summer to remember! London's daytime scene is bursting with sunlit terraces to street festivals, offering a thrilling lineup of day parties to explore.

Whether you're into soulful beats or lively tunes that get you moving, the city has something for everyone. It's a vibrant chance to dive into London's culture, whether you're chilling with friends or dancing the day away.

So, why wait for the night to fall when the daytime disco awaits?!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time do daytime parties in London typically start?

In London, parties that occur during the day usually kick off in the early afternoon and can extend into the evening, as seen with events such as the secretsundaze opening party. It’s important to verify specific start times by consulting the details of each event.

Is there a day party in London that cater to specific music genres?

Indeed, London hosts day parties that are tailored to distinct music genres. Events like the UKG Brunch ROOFTOP PARTY specialize in Old School Hip Hop and R&B, while the INTERNATIONAL DAY PARTY: REP YOUR FLAG celebrates with international beats.

Can I find a family-friendly day party in London?

Certainly, in London, ‘The Wild Meadows’ is among a day party that caters to both children and adults by providing activities suitable for kids as well as entertainment options appealing to grown-ups, ensuring a delightful experience for all family members.

Are there any unique summer day party experiences in London outside of clubs and bars?

Certainly, London provides distinctive experiences for a day party beyond the usual clubs and bars, including rooftop celebrations at The Golden Bee, Thames boat party excursions, and clandestine assemblies in hidden gardens.

What should I wear to a London day party?

Opting for chic yet relaxed clothing is typically a good choice for a summer day party in London. It’s crucial to confirm the specific dress code of the event ahead of time to ensure appropriateness.


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