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Get these top 6 Proven Basics right for an Effortless Hen Party

Neverland Hen Party
Neverland Hen Party

‍How to Plan a Hen Party?

Planning a hen party can be a daunting task, as there are soo many things to consider. There's a lot to organise from choosing the perfect destination to arranging accommodation and activities. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as nerve-wracking as it sounds. You just need to pay attention to the little details as well as delegate jobs here and there. If you’re considering organising a hen party for the bride, or perhaps you are the bride? Take some inspiration from our events team and read on for our top tips for planning a hen party:

1. Send out invitations as soon as you can

Has the bride to be given you a guest list? If so, it’s worth inviting the bridal party as soon as possible. If you don't have confirmed guest list, make sure you get the contact details of all potential attendees from the bride asap. This way, you won’t forget and have plenty of time to create a plan B if anyone can’t make it.


It’s best to send invitations by email or even easier to get everyone's phone numbers and start a WhatsApp group as it’s easier to track who’s responded, and it cuts down on long email chains and overloaded inboxes.

Even if you still want to start brainstorming ideas, all the hens will want to block out their calendars or re-arrange existing plans as sooner rather than later.

Bride's Mum - eek!

Check with the bride if her mum will be attending or her mother in law! We've been caught out by this in the past and you might need to amend you plans slightly?! Talk it through with the Bride.

Hen Party - Bride and Bride's Mum

2. Make a hen party budget and stick to it

One of the first things to do is to make a rough hen party budget. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you need to spend, and you’ll be able to stick to your rough budget as closely as possible. Discuss this with the bridesmaids and get a consensus on what people are comfortable with. You may need to adjust your plans a little if your budget is particularly small, but every hen party should be a memorable occasion, so it’s important to have enough money to make it special for your friends. In our experience, a hen party package for a night out in London starts at around £45pp so we wouldn't go much lower than that.

Collect money EARLY!

At this stage, we can't recommend strongly enough that you collect money off everyone. By collecting money you'll have less drop outs and get a better feeling for who might flake. If there is a large group of hens, as the booker you might be on the hook for a big bill which could create tension with you and all the girls or worse still put the bride to be in an awkward position before her big day.

Neverland TIP!

Ask for slightly more than you need and set aside a kitty of spending money - if there is any left at the end you can always send it back. It's much easier to do this than ask for more money and keep track of who's sent what!

3. Decide where you want to go

Whether you want to go to an exotic location abroad or stay in the UK, plenty of options are available. It’s worth considering what kind of hen party you want to have before making a decision.


Are you planning a long weekend escape? If you want to go abroad, you may need to organise things like flights and visas a little earlier than you would if you were planning a hen party in the UK. It’s worth checking that you have enough free time to organise everything and ensure your friends have enough time to book time off.

Neverland TIP!

If you are staying in a hotel, make sure you book a group booking to get the best rate possible!

In the UK?

There are many options if you’re planning a hen party in the UK. You can opt for a city break, a country break or a beach break, or you can do a bit of everything at Neverland! There are professional hen party planners that help you to decide on this and can arrange packages if you need extra support - a quick google will help you here, or if you would like some advice drop us an email at

4. Book accommodation and a hen party activity early

Once you’ve decided where to go, you’ll need to book your hen party accommodation and hen party activities. It’s important to book accommodation and activities early, as most hens take place in the early summer before the wedding season so the best places all get booked up due to their popularity.

If you’re planning a hen party in the UK, booking a venue can be a bit easier, but you still need to ensure you don’t leave it too late. We would recommend about six weeks (minimum) in advance. If you've used a spreadsheeet like excel before then we like to put the full itinerary onto a google doc or sheet that can be shared with all the girls.

Hen party Activities

Whatever type of hen party activities you’re looking for, London has something to offer. From traditional activities such as cocktail masterclasses to vintage bus tours, or afternoon tea and a night out on the town to more unique experiences such as a private chef or a themed night at a top London club, there’s something to suit every hen party. So if you’re looking for the perfect hen party activities in London, you’re sure to find them.

Hen Party Games

As part of your hen party planning, it's helpful to have a bunch of hen party games up your sleeve to keep the fun party momentum going. We have a post on fun hen party games - have a read of that here. Think about that now as some games like Mr & Mrs will need co-ordination in advance with the Groom.

So much fun - what's the hen theme?

Whilst you thinking about games you can go the extra mile organise a hen party theme - and get some hen party sashes or hen party accessories like a fancy dress outfit or even some party bags, it's these finer details that make an unforgettable event.

Having said that, we don't think that there is a 'perfect hen', each bride has different preferences and tastes. Just make sure you've got the fun stuff covered and people will have a fun time.

5. Don't forget the packages

Many venues have special hen-party packages. If you book a package, ensure you have all the important details, such as what you get on the day and what you need to bring (like a cake or decorations). Hen parties are a great time for you and your friends to relax and enjoy yourselves, so make sure that you have everything you need booked, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

6. The not-so fun part...don't forget the safety element

Safety Abroad

Whether you’re planning a hen party in the UK or abroad, we couldn't write this and not mention that it’s crucial to remember the safety element. Going abroad? You mustn’t leave yourself open to risk. Make sure everyone has the right travel insurance, you want to avoid stress in difficult situations. Please don’t forget to let your bank know where you’re going so they can flag fraudulent transactions.

Safety in the UK

If you’re planning a hen party in the UK, staying safe is still important. Even if you’re staying in a city, you don’t want to put yourself at risk by going out too drunk, so make sure that you look after your friends and don’t let them put themselves at risk, and vice versa. Most bars in London train their staff to ensure they all know about "Ask for Angela".


Booking accommodation, activities, and entertainment at least a few months in advance will help you get the best deals and ensure you have everything you need. If you are booking hotels or accommodation near the venue of any activities, make sure you have a reliable taxi number.

It’s also a good idea to set aside a kitty of spending money so you don't have to keep a tab of who has spent what. Ideally, the package will include everything you need. Having everything arranged early for the hen party is key so that you and your group of friends can relax and have a good time.


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