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Are these the 11 Most Stunning Outdoor Venues for Hire in London? Our Top Picks Revealed

Outdoor party venues - neverland london
Looking for an extra special outdoor venue for your next occasion? Why not consider a beach-themed rooftop bar!

Looking for the best outdoor venues and event spaces in London? We've got you covered! Our guide cuts to the chase with top picks for every type of gathering, from peaceful garden parties to lively rooftop events. Plus, we’ve even added some budget-friendly tips because who doesn't love a bargain? Whether you’re planning a cosy gathering or a large-scale birthday party, we’ve done the hard work, so the only thing you have to worry about is picking your outfit!

Key Takeaways

  • London’s outdoor scene has it all—rooftop terraces with stunning skyline views, riverside spots for a peaceful escape, and lush gardens that are perfect for any event, from corporate events to dreamy weddings.

  • Costs for renting outdoor venues in London can vary a lot depending on your event’s size, location, and the services you need.

  • And let's not forget London's famously unpredictable weather. It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Think about indoor spaces for surprise rain showers, cosy heaters for chilly nights, and temporary shelters to keep everyone dry.

Rooftop Celebrations: Outdoor Venues for Hire

Century Club Roof Terrace, Soho:

Outdoor venues to hire - rooftop terrace
This rooftop terrace is the perfect space for a memorable occasion!

Looking for a rooftop venue that'll have your Instagram followers swooning? Look no further than The Century Club Roof Terrace in Soho. It's like the Beyoncé of rooftops—gorgeous, adaptable, and always leaves an impression.

Plus, with a retractable roof, you're covered (literally) no matter what London's weather throws at you. And being in Soho means you can party like a celebrity and still grab that much-needed 2am kebab.

Whether you're celebrating a corporate event, birthday bash, or tying the knot, The Century Club has your back.

Oh, and guess what? There's a secret VIP lounge tucked away for those craving an extra-exclusive experience. Yep, this rooftop has it all.

And let's not forget those panoramic views of London's iconic skyline—simply stunning! It's the kind of backdrop that makes any occasion truly unforgettable.

Neverland London:

top outdoor party venues for hire - Neverland London
Enjoy a summer holiday like no other, here at Neverland London - one of the top outdoor venues in London!

Neverland London is like a sneaky vacation in the heart of West London—no passport required!

Picture this: urban beach vibes, bottomless brunches, and enough fun to make you forget you're in London.

So, whether you're planning a corporate escape, marking a milestone, or just desperate for a quirky spot to hang out with your friends, Neverland is the perfect place for you!

But hold onto your sunhat, because the fun doesn't stop there! At Neverland, they've mastered the art of turning any event into an unforgettable beach bash. From all the beach games you could dream of (beer pong, interactive darts, shuffleboard), to themed events with a live DJ, Neverland's got you covered.

And I haven't even mentioned the food yet! Here at Neverland, you can sink your teeth into the juiciest burgers, sizzling sharing platters and succulent sourdough pizzas. Finish it off with a sweet frozen cocktail and get ready to dance like no one's watching!

Who needs a plane ticket when you've got a local paradise like this? Click here to make an enquiry!

Frank's Cafe:

rooftop showing londons skyline - outdoor party venues
Absorb the stunning views of London's skyline at this East London outdoor rooftop venue!

Next up on our list, we've got Frank's Cafe in Peckham, East London. Let me tell you why this is the coolest hangout spot you never knew you needed!

Tucked away on top of a multi-story car park, it's got this cool, edgy vibe that pulls you in from the get-go. And those panoramic views of the London skyline? They're the sort of views that'll make you stop mid-sentence just to take it all in.

But wait, there’s more! The cocktails and street food here are like little pieces of heaven, each one better than the last. And when the sun’s out, the atmosphere is like a big party, and everyone’s invited, locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re catching up with friends in the summer months, celebrating a special occasion or looking for a private hire for corporate events , Frank’s has got you covered.

So come on up, get a drink and let Frank’s show you why it’s the best rooftop in Peckham. You''ll be wondering why you hadn't visited sooner!

Flight Club:

Outdoor venues to hire - rooftop terrace
Your own little peaceful outdoor oasis in the city.

Get ready for a wild time at Flight Club Victoria! You've got to step foot into this dart-playing wonderland, with 18 unique areas to throw some darts and a bar that's just begging for your cocktail order.

With space for up to 650 people, there's never a dull moment here—whether you're laughing it up at the bar, stumbling upon hidden surprises (seriously, they're everywhere!), or chilling in the magical outdoor terrace.

The unique thing about this place is that they've got this cool feature where you can create your own custom cocktails! Yep, you heard that right. So, whether you're a mixology master or just fancy yourself a cocktail connoisseur, Flight Club's got something special in store for you.

From mouthwatering sharing plates to irresistible pizza paddles and cocktails served with a twist (literally!), Flight Club has all your event needs covered.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your crew and explore what this hidden gem has to offer!

Riverside Retreats: Outdoor Venues for Hire Along the River Thames

For those yearning for the soothing rhythm of the river, the Thames offers an array of impressive outdoor venues in London, including riverside retreats.

The Glass Room:

Boat on river thames - outdoor venues
What better way to take in London's landmarks?

All aboard The Glass Room – where the party never stops! This riverboat experience isn't your average boat – it’s a floating oasis with the best panoramic views of London you could ask for.

And the best bit? It’s not just for fancy wedding receptions and posh dinners – you can hire this beauty for your next corporate outdoor party or birthday gathering. So gather your crew, get your riverside chic on and let’s set sail for an unforgettable adventure aboard The Glass Room!

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a serene escape to unwind, The Glass Room River Retreat has got you covered.

So why wait? Step aboard and let the tranquil Thames riverside wash away your worries!

Thames Rockets Tours:

Boat on the thames - outdoor venues in london
Are you ready for an adventure?

Fancy a more exciting river experience? Why not try Thames Rockets’ high-speed boat tours, which offer:

  • An exhilarating ride along the river

  • A fusion of the tranquillity of the riverside with the bustling energy of London

  • A serene retreat within the city’s heart

Imagine Thames Rockets Tours as the thrill of a roller coaster, but on water! You'll be right up front, feeling the wind whip through your hair (and maybe a bit of river spray too—just adds to the adventure!).

With lively guides leading the way, it's like being in your very own action movie, zipping past stunning vistas of London's landmarks and sharing laughs with your friends.

But this isn't your average tour—it's a wild ride that'll have you laughing, gasping, and creating memories you'll be reminiscing about for ages.

So grab your friends, buckle up, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Garden Party Venues: Hidden Gems and Botanical Wonders

London's garden party venues are the ultimate outdoor venues! These places offer stunning settings within their iconic gardens, blending history with nature for a picture-perfect backdrop. Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or just a chill hangout, these spots have got you covered.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew:

Kew gardens - outdoor venues to hire
The perfect place to host your next garden party!

Welcome to Kew Gardens, the ultimate outdoor haven! Here you’ll find more plants than your nan’s garden, history that’ll make you feel cultured and enough beauty to make your Insta feed pop!

Got an event to liven up? Kew is the perfect location! Think perfect backdrops, event spaces for wedding receptions, work dos or just a good old-fashioned bash, all managed by a team as slick as butter. And hey, choosing Kew? You’re not just throwing an outdoor party – you’re high-fiving Mother Nature with your eco-friendly choice!

With events like twinkling Christmas lights and spring cherry blossoms, there’s always something new and fabulous happening.

And guess what? It’s just a stone’s throw from central London, so you can pop in for a picnic, a treetop walk or even a concert. In a nutshell, Kew Gardens is like nature’s Disneyland, but with fewer screaming kids and more flowers!

Hampton Court Palace:

Hampton court palace - outdoor venues
Want to truly impress your guests with stunning a backdrop at an outdoor venue? Choose Hampton Court Palace!

Ready to elevate your special event from meh to amazing? Look no further than Hampton Court Palace! This place is like stepping into a time machine, but with better music and fancier drinks.

Let me tell you, the gardens are so stunning, they'll make you want to become a full-time gardener. And the venues? They're as versatile as your favourite playlist on shuffle.

Whether you're tying the knot or just throwing a party, Hampton Court Palace has something for everyone. And with the events team taking care of all the boring stuff, all you need to worry about is having a blast and perfecting those dance moves.

So why settle for ordinary when you can party like royalty at Hampton Court Palace? It's time to make your event dreams a reality!

Chiswick House and Gardens:

Chiswick house gardens - outdoor venues
A perfect escape from the city in this outdoor space!

Looking for a historic venue more charming than your aunt’s apple pie recipe? Look no further than Chiswick House Gardens! With its historical elegance and flexible event spaces, it’s like the fairy godmother of event venues in London.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or a family gathering, Chiswick House Gardens has got you covered. And with an events team that’s smoother than butter on a hot day you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Plus, it’s located in West London with great transport links, so there's no excuse for no-shows!

Outdoor Event Spaces: Cinemas and Theatres

The Luna Cinema:

/luna cinema - oudoor cinema venue
Wow your guests with the ultimate cinema experience at this outdoor venue!

Get ready for an amazing movie night with The Luna Cinema! Picture yourself under the stars with your friends, munching on popcorn as the movie starts. But be prepared for some thrilling moments that might make you jump and possibly spill your snacks!

But seriously, The Luna Cinema is truly a magical outdoor venue where movies come to life. With a selection of films that will have you laughing, crying, and maybe even snorting popcorn in surprise, it's a rollercoaster of emotions.

So, if you’re looking for an event that’s as fun as it is unforgettable, look no further than The Luna Cinema. Trust me, it’s guaranteed to be a night worth reminiscing about!

Regents Park Open Air Theatre:

Regents park theatre - outdoor venues
Relax and let the drama unfold at this outdoor venue!

Next up, why not step into the magical world of Regent's Park Open Air Theatre! Picture yourself and your friends soaking up the sun in the park, surrounded by beautiful greenery and maybe even a couple of friendly squirrels eager to join in on the fun.

It's like hosting an event in Mother Nature's own backyard, with a side of unexpected wildlife drama.

Plus, this outdoor venue has even got covered seating to shield you from the rain – because let's face it, this is London, and the weather's as unpredictable as your dance moves after one too many cocktails.

So, whether you're throwing a play, a concert, or just an excuse to have a laugh with friends, Regent's Park Open Air Theatre is the ultimate spot for a night of outdoor fun and frolics!

Pricing the Perfect Outdoor Venue

pile of coins - outdoor party venues
Outdoor party venues can be expensive, so make sure you're getting the most out of your money!

Now, we're about to dive into the real talk about the money side of hosting an outdoor event in London. So grab a cuppa and let's break it down into:

  • The event size

  • Venue location

  • Level of service

  • Specific elements

You'll be pleased to know that there are some wallet-friendly outdoor event spaces in London that won't leave you counting pennies.

We're talking as low as £12 per hour, and if you're lucky, you might snag an event package for just £10 per person. But here's the real trick to stretching your pounds: pick a venue size that fits your guest list like a glove. That way, you'll be singing "Money, Money, Money" all the way to the bank!

The cost of hiring a summer party venue in Fulham can start from as low as £500 for minimum spend venues to upwards of £12,000 for a full day hire, catering to all budgets.

Weatherproofing Your Event: Contingency Planning

London in the rain
Rain rain, go away! If only it were that simple..

We all know that living in a city like London, the weather can be as unpredictable as your cat's mood, so it's essential to be ready for anything when organising outdoor parties.

So, let me give you some tips to help you stay ahead of the game:

  • Conduct a risk assessment and develop an adverse weather policy.

  • Take into account the particularities of London’s seasons to ensure guest comfort.

  • Familiarize yourself with the venue and identify emergency shelter spots.

  • Plan for quick equipment moves in case of bad weather.

  • Ensure efficient staff and guest communication to manage unexpected weather incidents.

With these tips in mind, you'll be ready to tackle London's ever-changing weather and ensure your outdoor event is a smashing success.

Temporary Structures and Heating Solutions

firepit with wine glasses
Firepits add warmth and a cosy vibe to your event!

When you're hosting an outdoor event, it's all about keeping your guests happy and comfortable.

That's where temporary structures and heating solutions come in—they're like your secret weapons for battling London's unpredictable weather.

Think of wind blockers as your trusty sidekicks, swooping in to save the day and create a cozy oasis for everyone to enjoy.

And let's not overlook the importance of waterproof storage solutions!

These handy lockers not only keep belongings safe and dry but also give everyone peace of mind so they can focus on having a great time without worrying about the weather.

Plan B: Transitioning to Indoor Spaces

No matter how hard we cross our fingers, sometimes London's weather just won't play nice. That's why having a backup plan to shift from outdoor to indoor event spaces is key. Here's some friendly advice to make that transition smooth sailing:

  1. Choose indoor venues in London that keep the outdoor party spirit alive, matching the vibe of your outdoor spot. You want everyone to feel like they're still part of the same awesome event, rain or shine!

  2. Help your guests find their way with clear signs and friendly directions to the indoor venue. No one likes feeling lost in the rain, right?

  3. Lean on your event staff to be the heroes of the day, guiding everyone indoors with a smile. They'll make sure everyone stays dry and happy, come rain or storm!

Vendors and Entertainment: Bringing Your Event to Life

Drag queen
Drag bingo at Neverland London

When it comes to bringing an outdoor venue to life, it's all about finding the right mix of vendors and entertainment.

In London, outdoor events come alive with unique offerings like open-air movie nights and live music by local bands and gospel choirs. With so many outdoor party spots to choose from, planning your perfect event is a breeze.

And let's not forget the food! Guests can treat their taste buds to a range of delicious options, from gourmet food trucks to interactive dining experiences that'll have everyone talking long after the event is over.

Entertainment and Live Music

Live music and performances are the secret to any successful outdoor event in London. Picture yourself soaking up the sun at a summer concert in a gallery or getting swept away by a seasonal performance—it's the stuff memories are made of. And when it comes to hiring acts, the options are endless.

  • Bands and solo musicians

  • DJs

  • Dance troupes

  • Acrobats and circus performers

  • Magicians

  • Street performers

Interactive Activities: Team Building and Fun

people playing interactive darts
Activities like interactive darts add fun to your event!

Let's spice up your outdoor event with some interactive games that'll have everyone laughing and bonding in no time!

How about an interactive darts or beer pong session at Neverland London team up for some friendly competition.

And for the thrill-seekers among us, why not hop into a supercar for a spin with Drift Limits? It's the perfect recipe for heart-pounding excitement and unforgettable memories with your guests!

Styling Your Outdoor Event: Decor and Ambiance

Room decorated with fairy lights
Adding decorations sets the tone for your event!

Designing your outdoor venue goes beyond arranging tables and chairs; it's about crafting an atmosphere that aligns with your event's theme.

Picture: delicate LED copper wire fairy lights artfully draped around windows, fireplaces, and amidst foliage, casting a magical, cozy glow over the space.

And why not scatter some soft summer quilts and plush pillows across seating areas for that extra touch of comfort?

You could also bring indoor furniture to infuse a sense of structure and homeliness into the ambience.

Lighting the Night: Fairy Lights and Lanterns

As the day winds down, get ready for a magical makeover in your backyard! Picture fairy lights twinkling, lanterns casting a cosy glow, and laughter filling the air.

With this enchanting touch, your backyard transforms into the ultimate spot for making memories with loved ones.


woman dancing on beach - neverland london
Let loose and unwind at these outdoor venues in London!

So, that's our list of the most stunning outdoor venues to hire in London! From buzzing rooftop venues to peaceful riverside spots along the Thames, London has outdoor venues for any occasion.

Whether you're planning a big corporate bash, a cosy summer get-together, or just hanging out with friends, these outdoor venues offer moments of connection, joy, and memories that you wont be forgetting any time soon!

So, now that we've answered your questions, which outdoor venue are you most excited to visit next?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some affordable outdoor venues in London?

Some affordable outdoor venues in London include Chris Wheeler at The Crown Inn in Farnham Royal, The Glasshouse in Kingston upon Thames, and People’s Park Tavern near Victoria Park. Explore these options for your next event or gathering.

What type of venues does London's West End offer for outdoor events?

London’s West End offers a variety of rooftop and outdoor venues, including historic pubs and modern bars in Covent Garden and Soho, providing excellent options for outdoor events and private functions.

Are there any unique catering options for London's outdoor events?

Yes, London offers unique catering options for outdoor events at an outdoor venue, such as bespoke menus by Payne & Gunter and refreshing beverage choices.

What are some measures for weatherproofing an outdoor event in London?

For weatherproofing an outdoor event in London, especially at an outdoor venue, it’s essential to conduct risk assessments, have an adverse weather policy, and be familiar with the venue to plan for emergency shelter spots and quick equipment moves. These measures ensure preparedness for unpredictable weather conditions.

Are there any central London locations suitable for corporate functions?

Yes, the National Gallery and Carlton House Terrace in central London are ideal outdoor venues for corporate functions and networking events.


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