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Indulge in ABBA-inspired Delights at the Ultimate Mamma Mia Brunch Experience

Lady in sequins dancing
Mamma Mia Entertainment

Enter the world of the Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch where ABBA’s timeless hits meet culinary delights.

This brunch isn’t just about satisfying hunger—it’s a celebration of song, dance, and flavours that cater to everyone. Get ready to clap, sing, and indulge in a brunch like no other!

Inspired by the vibrant and lively spirit of Mamma Mia, we've decided to paint the town red to match the passion and excitement of the musical.

Let's dive into this spectacular event and see why it's a must-visit for fans and foodies alike!

Key Takeaways: The Ultimate Mamma Brunch Experience

Lady dancing in the sun
Summer Partying with Bottomless Brunch
  • Expect to be transported to the party Island of Skopelos for a trip through an ABBA album with our Mamma Mia brunch. A day of debauchery to enjoy with your Dancing Queens!

  • Whether you’re into booze or prefer non-alcoholic beverages, there’s something for everyone to sip on while grooving to ABBA hits and live DJ music.

  • It’s more than a brunch with your besties – it’s an unforgettable experience with different theatre favourites each week.

Step into Your Dancing Shoes Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch at Neverland London

Live drag entertainment
Drag Entertainment at Neverland London

The Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch is an electrifying fusion of flavours, flair, and the fabulous foursome’s legacy. At this event, you’ll find:

  • A unique mix of West End magic and palm beach vibes

  • Performances by stars from Mamma Mia the Musical

  • Dazzling drag queen hosts that bring West End glam right to your table

You’re not just a spectator here; you’re an integral part of the show.

Don your best ABBA attire and become part of a world crafted by Björn Ulvaeus’s theatrical prowess, filled with beloved ABBA anthems. Join the ranks of dancing queens and kings in this immersive experience.

With dates available on:

  • Saturday 22nd June (12pm to 3pm - bottomless served from 12.30pm to 2pm)

  • Saturday 3rd & Saturday 17th August (3.30pm to 6pm - bottomless served from 4pm to 5.30pm)​

There’s ample opportunity to experience the glitz and glamour over a scrumptious spread of food and bottomless prosecco.

Do bear in mind that you must purchase one food dish from the brunch menu to partake in the free-flowing fun, but considering the scrumptious selections on offer, that’s hardly a chore!

Sip and Sing: Bottomless Bubbles

Woman dancing at party
Dance to the Best Mamma Mia Abba Hits

Over 90 minutes, enjoy an endless supply of bottomless prosecco as you dance away to a live DJ spinning top ABBA hits.

At Neverland London, we take our promise of a boozy brunch quite seriously! We ensuring that your thirst is quenched, your drinks are topped up and your spirits are kept high. All you need to do is ensure your voice is ready to belt out those high notes.

If you're not a prosecco drinker, worry not; the brunch offers a variety of non-alcoholic beverages just as delightful and sophisticated as their spirited counterparts.

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance - London’s most outrageous Drag Queen and legendary West-End performers who’ll ensure your experience is as sparkling as your drink.

Please note that to qualify for the Mamma Mia bottomless brunch offer, you must purchase a main course at the venue!

Feast On Fabulous Food While You Groove

Selection of pizzas
Delicious Wood Fired Sourdough Pizzas

As you shimmy and sing along to ABBA’s greatest hits, your taste buds will be treated to a feast that’s as tantalising as the tunes.

Choose from a selection on our a la carte menu that will have you singing Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, including:

  • Juicy cheeseburgers for a hearty indulgence

  • Classic Caesar salad, with light and refreshing bites

  • Woodfired sourdough pizzas for some rustic charm

  • Sizzling sharing platters, including tasty vegan tacos and mouthwatering mezze boards

Regardless of your dietary preference, don’t worry; the Neverland menu has options to cater to your needs. With options for:

  • Vegan

  • Vegetarian

  • Gluten-free

  • Non-alcoholic preferences

Everyone at your table can dine and dance with delight, painting the town red!

Endless Entertainment: The ABBA Sing-Along Hits Showdown

Girls having fun
Mamma Mia and Bottomless Prosecco Party

Amidst the feasting and toasting, a main attraction awaits: the ABBA Sing-Along Hits Showdown. This is where you get to:

  • Channel your inner pop star

  • Join a lively competition

  • Showcase your performance skills

  • Sing your heart out to ABBA’s greatest hits

A night of passion and excitement you truly won't want to miss!

Each table serves as a mini-stage, allowing you and your friends to perform your version of ABBA’s iconic sing along hits, including:

  • “Mamma Mia”

  • “Waterloo”

  • “Dancing Queen”

  • “Take a Chance on Me”

  • “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”

Props, the supportive crowd, and a charged atmosphere will motivate you to unleash your performance skills and maybe even take home bragging rights.

Secure Your Spot at the Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch Table

Two girls drinking wine
Fulham Beach Club

After reading about the endless fun, if you’re ready to jump into your platform boots, act quickly to secure your spot at the Mamma Mia Brunch!

Tickets are like gold dust and in limited supply, it’s paramount to book tickets early!

Navigate to Neverland London’s dedicated Mamma Mia webpage and secure your golden ticket to this theatrical brunch extravaganza featuring west-end magic.

Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch Special Celebrations: Booking for Your Star-Studded Cast

Two girls at hen party
Mamma Mia Bottomless for you Hen Do?

Organizing a hen do or a special outing?

The Mamma Mia Brunch is perfect for group celebrations, offering an ABBA-inspired event that’s guaranteed to be a hit.

If your party numbers 10 or more, you're welcome email us at:

We'll do our best to make your celebration as stellar as the star-studded cast of theatre favourites!

Toast to the Weekend with Cocktail Jugs and Cheer:

Jug of cocktail
Cocktail Jugs at Fulham Beach Club

Feeling thirsty after all that dancing? Why not cool down with a refreshing shared cocktail jug or a chilled beer?

These jugs are the perfect addition to your table, brimming with good vibes and crafted to complement the jovial spirit of the event.

From the refreshing zing of Basil and strawberry Pimm’s to the sweet, sangria concoctions, there’s something for every palate.

Some refreshing drink options to quench your thirst include:

  • Classic Jugs of Mojito

  • Fruity twist on the traditional Pimm’s Jug

  • Aperol Spritz

The options are as varied as the ABBA album collection, so your glass will be as full (and refreshing) as the dance floor.

Tips and Tricks:

Plan Your Brunch Outfit: From Super Trouper to Dancing Queen

Three girls in white
Get dressed up in your best Abba attire

You've marked your calendar for this must-attend event... now it's time to plan your iconic brunch ensemble!

Channel your inner Super Trouper with sequins and platform boots, or go for a more modern take with an all-white ensemble that reflects ABBA’s angelic era.

Just like ABBA's albums, the options are endless!

Whether you choose to don bell-bottom flares and a suede waistcoat for a 70s hippie vibe or a shimmering sequined jumpsuit, you’ll be ready to twirl under the disco ball.

Booking Tips:

Dog on the beach
Stay on after the Mamma Mia Bottomless and Party like a pooch!

Tickets sell out fast, so book early!

Weekend afternoons tend to be busier, so consider a 12pm to 3pm boozy brunch for a more relaxed experience.

Check the website for special packages that might include extras like priority seating or themed merchandise.

Maximising the Experience: The Ultimate Mamma Mia Brunch

Group of ladies singing
Sing-a-long to the best hits!

Arrive early to get a good seat, participate in all the event activities, and don't be shy to mingle with other guests and the dancing queens!

The more you engage, the more fun you'll have! Don’t forget to take plenty of photos to capture the memories.

If you're celebrating a special occasion, let the staff know – they might just add an extra touch to make your day even more special.


Three women in beach club
Get ready to Party!

So, what are you waiting for? This fabulous Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch event is an afternoon you won't want to miss!

From the dazzling performances to the delicious main courses, each element of this boozy brunch contributes to an unforgettable night out, (food must be purchased on the day!).

Whether you’re clinking cocktail jugs with friends or belting out top ABBA hits during the sing-along showdown, this Mamma Mia brunch is a weekend highlight that promises to leave you with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Those Good Vibes and book your tickets now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mamma Mia bottomless brunch
Bottomless Brunch at Fulham Beach Club

What dates are available for the Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch at Neverland London?

The available dates for the Mamma Mia Bottomless Brunch are Saturday 22nd June, Saturday 3rd, and Saturday 17th August 2024.

Be sure to book your tickets early to guarantee your spot, enjoy bottomless bubbles and avoid a sale cancelled sold situation

Do I need to purchase food to enjoy the bottomless drinks?

Yes, you must purchase at least one food dish from the brunch menu to enjoy the bottomless drinks.

Are there non-alcoholic options available at the brunch?

Yes, the brunch provides a variety of non-alcoholic beer and beverages for those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

 Enjoy your brunch with a refreshing non-alcoholic beer and cocktail options!

Can I make a group booking for a special celebration?

Yes, you can make a group booking for a special celebration on select dates by purchasing a special group ticket or enquiry on the event's website.

Are Bottomless cocktails included in the offer price

No bottomless cocktails aren't included - but there is a great cocktail menu and plenty of cocktail jugs!

Note, the Mamma Mia Brunch at the Skinny Kitchen changes each week with a different production to keep the experience fresh and exciting, so watch out for tickets on their website!


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