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The most beautiful Alpine tradition that must be shared with friends

Delicious Swiss Cheese Fondue: An Unforgettable Culinary Experience.

Enjoy a traditional Swiss cheese fondue at Winterland London and experience our alpine culinary journey.

Winterland - West London's only Alpine Pop-up and fondue restaurant. Rated among the best restaurants in London for Alpine cuisine and featured in the Timeout Guide for lovers of cheese fondue. 


The infamous swiss cheese fondue from Winterland has become an absolute must-try for the city’s diners.


Neverland's Winterland has been voted the best fondue in London & best bottomless fondue on many occasions.

We have beautiful themed interiors, delicious food and an extensive cocktail list.

Arranging an authentic fondue set directly at the table in our trendy yet cosy restaurant setting, we make sure you get the dining experience to remember.


Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with friends and family and pair it with a selection of delicious drinks and finish off your night dancing to the Winterland DJ.

Cheese Fondue and Charcuterie

Did someone say FONDUE?


Life can be boring. Don't play with your food. Eat all your vegetables. I'm sure you've heard it all before. But what about fun?

Something delicious and nutritious? Fondue!

It means "melted" in French and is the perfect combination of cheese, wine and seasonings. Yeah, I know. Did someone say cheese?!!


A Swiss tradition, it brings people together as everyone dips bread, veggies, or anything else their hearts desire.


The conversation flows, spontaneous laughter fills the room and cares melt away! So grab a fork and see what happens...

Enjoy an Authentic Swiss Fondue Experience.


Discover the unique and delicious flavours of Swiss cheese as you dip your bread into a bubbling pot of melted cheese.


Enjoy this traditional dish with friends and family in Winterland’s cosy atmosphere for an unforgettable experience.  


Come and experience a taste of Switzerland at our Cheese Fondue Restaurant in Fulham, London.

Fondue Restaurant in Fulham, London
Swiss Cheese Fondue

Discover the taste of the Alps.

At Winterland London, we offer you a unique opportunity to experience traditional Alpine cheese fondue. Our recipe has been carefully crafted to bring out the best flavours of the alps.


Find out what makes our fondue so special, and join us for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Indulge in endless fondue

Come to our Cheese Fondue Restaurant in London on Friday Evening or Saturday Lunchtime and prepare for an unforgettable experience!


Upgrade to Bottomless Fondue for only £24pp and enjoy the ultimate culinary experience with endless melted cheese. It's a must-try for every guest!

Winterland - Cheese Fondue in London

Fondue Etiquette


The Swiss are passionate about their unwritten rules for fondue! So, we’ve taken the time to provide some tips to achieve the most autunitic experience.

  1. Skewer a chunk of crispy Baguette firmly on your fondue fork – make sure the crust is on the outside.

  2. Dip your chunk into the pot of oozing, heavenly cheese. Stir your fork clockwise to keep the cheese well blended as it simmers over its low heat – work as a team to keep the cheese from clumping together! Don’t dip your food if someone else is swirling, though; everyone will get their turn in good time.

  3. Pull the fork out and twirl the melted cheese around your fork three times to allow the excess to fall back into the pot, don’t tap the side and no double dips!

  4. Pull the food off with your teeth while not touching the fork with your mouth. If you want to be extra courteous, pull off the chunk with a knife onto your plate.

  5. Fondue is a dish to be enjoyed slowly; relax with others, take turns to dip, let the wine flow and enjoy the great conversation!

Book a Table

Book a Table and add on the fondue experience £18pp at checkout

Book bottomless fondue

Bottomless fondue for £24pp

Winterland Logo

The Friday Bottomless Fondue Offer

All you need to know

Kick off the week with free-flowing cheesy goodness by visiting one of the best places to eat in west London! A little-known hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the foodie in you! Located near Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green tube stations, tucked away down the side of Wandsworth Bridge by the famous Ship Pub is a Fulham restaurant which is the first of its kind in the neighbourhood! Winterland London Restaurant and Cocktail bar is ready to bring you something unique! Here you can enjoy the culinary delights of the Alps combined with contemporary trends from modern Europe. Trust us when we say our fondue is perfection, a traditional combination of swiss cheeses which can be enjoyed with wine and beer in a communal atmosphere. Our Weekend Bottomless Fondue deal is one of the best menus we offer! You’ll feel that true Après-ski vibe as you unwind after your day's adventures in 2023 and connect with your friends over the perfect comfort food.

So... What's all the fuss?

You’ll get excited when you sit at the table alongside a fondue set, ready for the wonders that await your pallet. Along comes the saucepan of savoury cheese dip, which is bottomless; yes, that’s right, it’s all you can eat until you tell us to stop! Our fondue Is made with a mix of Gryère cheese and Vacherin because we wouldn’t be doing our Alpine inspirations any justice if we didn’t use these traditional Swiss cheeses sourced from Switzerland itself! They are made using the best cow’s milk and have maturing processes which result in a creamy quality which melts beautifully and is perfect for simmering at the table for hours as you chat away! Hungry yet?

Bottomless Fondue
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