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Bottomless Friday Fondue or Bottomless Fondue on Friday! 


The deal is real: each Friday and Saturday, Neverland London is offering Free-Flowing Cheese.

Friday night unlimited Fondue night with 90 minutes of unlimited drinking.


Bottomless Fondue - £28 Per Person
Available every Friday and Saturday

Served with bottomless freshly baked baguette and pickled cornichons


Fridays: 6 pm to 10 pm

Saturdays: 12 pm to 6 pm


£28 per person

Upgrade to Bottomless Prosecco at checkout for £29 per person

Please notify us of group bookings so we can seat you together!

Everyone at the table must be having the same offer.

Join us for Bottomless Fondue!


🍽️Bottomless Fondue

Upgrade to🍾 1.5hrs of Bottomless Prosecco

General Info

📅 Date:

Friday Evenings

Saturday Afternoons

🕒 Times: 6 pm until 10 pm

📍 Venue: Neverland London

👤 Age requirement: 18+ with a valid ID

Bottomless Fondue Delights

Neverland Logo

The Neverland Bottomless Fondue Offer

All you need to know

Kick off the week with free-flowing cheesy goodness by visiting one of the best places to eat in west London!


A little-known hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the foodie in you! Located near Fulham Broadway and Parsons Green tube stations, tucked away down the side of Wandsworth Bridge by the famous Ship Pub is a Fulham restaurant which is the first of its kind in the neighbourhood!


Neverland London Restaurant and Cocktail bar is ready to bring you something unique! Here you can enjoy the culinary delights of the Alps combined with contemporary trends from modern Europe. Trust us when we say our fondue is perfection, a traditional combination of swiss cheeses which can be enjoyed with wine and beer in a communal atmosphere.


Our Weekend Bottomless Fondue deal is one of the best menus we offer!


You’ll feel that true Après-ski vibe as you unwind after your day's adventures in 2023 and connect with your friends over the perfect comfort food.

So... What's all the fuss?

You’ll get excited when you sit at the table alongside a fondue set, ready for the wonders that await your pallet. Along comes the saucepan of savoury cheese dip, which is bottomless; yes, that’s right, it’s all you can eat until you tell us to stop!


Our fondue Is made with a mix of Gryère cheese and Vacherin Fribourgeois because we wouldn’t be doing our Alpine inspirations any justice if we didn’t use these traditional Swiss cheeses sourced from Switzerland itself!


They are made using the best cow’s milk and have maturing processes which result in a creamy quality which melts beautifully and is perfect for simmering at the table for hours as you chat away! Hungry yet?

Fondue isn’t all about the cheese, it’s also about flavour combinations you add throughout your dips over the stovetop; a fondue pot at the beginning of your meal will not have the same flavour at the end. Every element added brings a new enhancement to the saucepan. Tradition is steeped in this, and so we pair our fondue mix with side dishes that create flavour perfection for you to indulge in!

Our chunks of oven-baked Baguette are perfect for this cheesy dip! The crusty crunch followed by a softer texture is the perfect vehicle for the cheese to soak into, yet not lose its bite. You’ll love the crispy outer layer followed by melt-in-your-mouth creamy cheese perfection. Alongside this, there are the pickles! You cannot eat Fondue without Gherkins. These little bites of tanginess lift the cheese to a new level, bringing an acidity that cuts through the heavy creaminess; it’s blissful for your palate.

You’ll love popping in and getting rid of those end-of-week blues for sure! As well as your complimentary drinks with our Friday Bottomless Fondue menu, we have a range of wines, cocktails, and prosecco on our bar menu.  Our mixologists are ready to impress you with their skills; not only can they whip up any classic cocktail, but their creativity has led to some of the best signature cocktails in Fulham! You will love giving them a try. Of course, we have plenty of options for anyone who is a fan of beer, including JUBEL, an award-winning Alpine beer.


Bottomless Cheese, lovely atmosphere – what’s not to love? Make your way to one of the best places to eat in London! Make a reservation in our cosy alpine lodge this winter and look forward to a culinary experience all diners dream of!

It’s an evening with your favourite people, it’s being dressed up and taking pictures at our or-so-instagrammable venue, it’s laughing so hard you can’t breathe, it’s the sense of community as you glance over at the next table and see they're also living their best selves.

It’s climbing into the photobooth and each getting a photo to take home; it’s getting home in the evening and still feeling fresh enough for a walk in the park the next day; it’s Bottomless Fondue at Neverland, baby!

Bottomless Fondue
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