Our COVID steps to keep you safe

Dear Guest

This is information from 2020 and should be disregarded unless we re-enter national tiers again!


Firstly just to say how excited we are at being able to reopen and welcome you to Neverland in these challenging times.

We are writing to you to bring you up to speed with the eight largest arrangements we have put in place to protect you, other guests, and our team.

Our team has to follow the guidance provided by the government, so please help them (and be kind to them!) if they ask you to do the same.

1.   Temperature Checks at Arrival

Firstly, we are operating temperature checks at the entrance, so the first team member you encounter will ask to take your temperature with a remote handheld device.   Should you fail this test, regrettably you will not be allowed entry to the venue. However, we are happy for you to take a walk around the block to cool down and return for a second test.

2.   Track and Trace

Once through the entrance tunnel, you will be greeted by one of our hosts who will check your ticket and request to see your track and trace receipt.  You can fill in the track and trace form at any time and will be sent a confirmation email receipt.


3.   One-way system inside the venue

  • We are operating a one-way system and the exit is no longer back through the tunnel, but down the side of the venue, running alongside the road.  Security will be on hand to help you with any queries.

  • Within the venue underneath the pergola, we ask that you follow the clearly marked lanes and always walk on the left-hand side in the direction in which you’re walking.

4.   Ordering & Delivery Space

  • We are operating table service for our guests who have booked tables or areas and our team will be wearing our teal coloured t-shirts should you wish to order from your area. 

  • Please allow a 'delivery space' at the end of the table for the food and drink to be provided safely whilst keeping socially distanced - you will see that we have designated this area with a line-marker on your table.

Normal service is no longer available from either of our two bars or our kitchens.

5.   Additional Loos

  • We now offer urinals - these are on the right-hand side as you enter the washroom area.  Additionally, there is a single designated separate loo for men. The remaining 9 loos are for women only.

  • Consequently, we are now separating the two queues into men (on the right-hand side by the sign) and women (on the opposite side).

There is a team member in the washroom area to provide assistance.


6.   Reservations capped at 6 people

  • Booking size is limited whilst we are adhering to the Government guidance of a maximum of six people per table.

  • We encourage everyone to remain table-based and not to mingle with other guests.  Whilst this may seem strange, we do ask you to respect everyone’s social distance. 

Security is always around should you wish to ask for their help.


7.   General Entry

If you have purchased a general entry ticket, unreserved seating is available around the venue, which is available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so please try to arrive early to get the best experience.

8.   Music - background level only

Harry, our wonderful resident DJ, is on hand with those chilled tunes. But we are required to keep the volume at a background level.

We hope you understand the need for these measures and our team will certainly welcome your (constructive) feedback in trying to implement them as efficiently as we can, but we do ask for your patience whilst the new members of our team are settling in. We've never been in this situation before and are still trying to work out the 'new normal' with your help.

Finally, we thank you for your patience in reading this and for your support - we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your loyalty and we wish you a wonderful 'escape' to Neverland with your friends!

The Neverland Team